A Warm Welcome

Winter has truly welcomed us into the New Year: this week we have experienced temperatures below -27 with wind chill, requiring us to stay indoors during recess and to hurry indoors when out. The warmth as we step inside is welcome as we hasten to leave the frigid air behind us.

The extreme cold weather, however, has not dimmed the welcoming smiles I receive each morning I greet the students in my class: their smiles, their humour, and their zest for life makes me smile and warms the day. When I arrive home, the hugs of my family not only warms my cold body a little, but also warms my heart.

The days of winter do not entice me outside but my home welcomes me with warmth and comfort as I hibernate after school hours with a book, a movie and crochet, and my family. I look forward to Spring and warmer days – but in the meantime I will enjoy the warmth of my home.

Five-Minute-Friday-badgeWhat welcomes you during the cold days of winter?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2015

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Hug (Photo credit: Tania_Cataldo)

This is more than just a word. It is open arms and a warm hug. It is a cup of tea, with maybe a little something on the side of the saucer. It is opening the pot and dishing up a favourite dish.

When I am truly welcomed into a home, a workplace, or an event I am made to feel special. The warmth begins in my heart and spreads to my face. I smile in delighted acknowledgement of the welcome I receive. It makes me feel comfortable, satisfied, at home. And welcome.

And when people take the time to come and see me, I welcome them with open arms, and a warm hug. Food and drink are brought out. The smiles are all around. The moment is enjoyed as the visitor’s effort is reciprocated with my warmth.

Welcome. More than just a word. A sense of warmth and belonging.


What do you do in order to make people feel welcome?

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