Square in September: A Surprising Bust

Before our trip to Paris in July, I asked my family to share with me the spots that they would like to visit in this well known European city. My eldest daughter wanted to visit the Georges Pompidou museum of Modern Art. We set aside a day to visit the exhibitions at this venue.

There was plenty to see – and all of it different to the art we had seen until then. One piece really stood out to me – and I could not help but exclaim when I saw what the artist had done (so much so that the guard could not but help smile at my reaction). In order to appreciate the bust, you had to walk around the sculpture and look at it from different viewpoints.

The artist of this bust was Wang Du and the title of the work is called Le Baiser (The Kiss.) – 2005 The explanation accompanying the work is as follows:

Former Chinese dissident, Wang Du, found refuge in France in 1990 where he discovered the media whirlwind, typical of Western society, which would inspire his work. In Le Baiser he abandons the sphere of the media for a more poetic register. Based on an image from the film 3-Iron (2004) by South Korean director Kim Ki-duk, this sculpture alludes to the artist’s own project of acting as double to the media, as one actor may double for another in a film. In place of Rodin’s idealistic and almost abstract work of the same title, Wang Du offers a cold and precise image which he describes as “a hybrid configuration between treason and loyalty, sacred and profane, romanticism and realism”. 

I spent quite a bit of time admiring this work of art and I will not forget it for a while.

What do you think of Wang Du’s Le Baiser?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

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