This Little Light

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This week’s prompt is: Light

This Little Light

When I think back on the Christian songs I sang when a child, This Little Light of Mine is  one which springs to mind. I remember singing it with enthusiasm without really understanding what I was singing.

Later I learned that the little light was not only the love of Jesus and God shining through me, but also my inner self: my inner self that had been permeated with God’s love. I was singing that I was going to keep my love for God shining through – that I was not going to hide what I believed in. I was also going to show the love of God in my actions towards others, and in my love for them.

The message of this children’s song has been remade as a message for today’s generation by LZ7. The message is clear: help others and accept them as you have been accepted by God: A God who accepts all no matter who they are. The video shows a few examples of how we can let God’s love shine through to others.

Thinking on the message of this song – both the version sung by the Cedermont Kids and LZ7 – I realise that the message is relevant to us no matter how old we are. Let God’s love for us shine through to others; let our actions, words, and demeanour show that we are Children of God filled with His love.

Do you let your light shine?