A Visit by the Classroom Elf

This week Jean-Jean, the classroom’s Elf on the Shelf, made an appearance. As per tradition, I read the story about the elf to the children on Monday and some children in the class shared stories about the elves that are visiting their home.

Each morning I place the elf in a different place, often linked to what the children are currently doing in class. I remind the children that they are not to touch the elf as he will lose his magic and return to the North Pole. Those children who have an elf at home already know about this admonition.

As always, there are children who don’t believe – which is okay. However, there were some children this year who decided to touch the elf in order to test whether he was magic or not. So Jean-Jean was put away much to the dismay of some of the children. Hopefully the class, as a whole, will learn the lesson to follow the instruction given and not spoil the experience for others.

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf who visits your home or work space?

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A Classroom Tradition

A tradition that I began a couple of years back in my classroom during December is the visits of the Elf on the Shelf. I begin by reading the story and the next day Jean-Jean, the class elf, visits. There are times when he can be silly, and times when his curiosity gets the better of him.

This year I had to place him in high positions as a few boys in my class wanted to touch him (they are told in the story that touching him takes away his magic). As a result, this year we did not catch him painting or doing silly things with classroom supplies. I did like the fact, though, that he did a little reading in the classroom ūüôā

Do you participate in the Elf on the Shelf tradition?

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A Classroom Tradition

Last year was the first time I brought the Elf on the Shelf into my classroom environment. The children enjoyed reading his letters, writing letters to him, and looking for him as they entered the classroom. This year I thought I would bring him back  and continue with what is now a classroom tradition.

Jean-Jean, the class elf, always brings a smile to the children’s faces. Smiles which I enjoy seeing. As the Christmas breaks draws nearer, I find myself running out of places in which to put our cheeky elf.

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf at home or at your workplace?

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Weekend Coffee Share: It Has Begun

weekend coffee share logo hosted at parttimemonsterblog.comIf we were having coffee, I would greet you with a big smile. Yes it has begun. The break to which we have been looking forward for an entire week. At school we were counting the days; at home we were counting the nights. What a relief that the Winter break has begun. Finally I am able to relax a little and recharge my energy.

Not completely though. I cannot believe that it is Christmas¬†tomorrow. My gifts are all wrapped (last night’s task) and ready to place under the tree. After our chat, I shall head out to do some grocery shopping to buy bread, milk, fruit and vegetables. As I head out early, I will avoid the crowds and the bustle of the last-minute shoppers.

The last week at school before the break was a lot calmer than I expected. This year I got an Elf on the Shelf – and the children loved it. I named him Jean-Noel and gave him the nickname Jean-Jean. The kids loved him and looked for him every morning as they entered the class.

I placed a basket in the front of the class and they put notes in it for him. The questions they asked were answered in a daily letter I typed up for them to read. They loved that Jean-Jean knew what was going on Рand that he made personal references. This is a tradition that I will repeat next year as I found that it calms them a little of their pre-Christmas excitement Рand it gives them a reason to write.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that our last day of 2016 was a pyjama day. We spent the day doing circle time, attending the Holiday sing-along in the gym organised by the music teacher, and watching a movie in the gym (with popcorn included). It was a low-key day which everyone enjoyed.

A Last Day. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

If we were having coffee, I would wish you a wonderful Holiday. Enjoy your Christmas time with your family. And if you celebrate Hanukkah, I wish you the same as you begin your celebration tonight.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

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