Grateful for Assistance

Processed with RookieThis year I have a few people helping me in my classroom: an SNA (Special Needs Assistant) for a child that suffers from epilepsy; an EA (Educational Assistant) that comes in twice a week for an hour to help children who are struggling with their writing and reading; and a university student who comes into my classroom when she can. One may think that these are a lot of extra bodies in my room but these are bodies that are able to help me with the children.

Often when teaching young children, I feel that I do not have enough hands. At times I need to remind them that they are to wait their turn. But when I have the assistants in my room or the university student, the children know that they can ask another adult for help if I am busy. In addition, the number of children that get helped each day is increased.

Last week when I was sick off work, supply teachers were difficult to find. The SNA in my room was the constant factor for an age group that needs consistency and routine to feel settled. She worked hard at keeping that consistency and getting the children to work. With her being there, the children kept up with their work and their daily routine.

This week I am grateful for all the help I have this year in my classroom. The help certainly makes my day less stressful.

What have you been grateful for this week? Share your comments or the link to your post below.

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