Music Monday: I Don't Care

When my children do their chores around our home, the first thing they do is put on their music playlist. Every now and then, one of my daughters play a song that I enjoy listening to. Yesterday it was I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeren and Justin Bieber:

I like the lighthearted and breezy tune of the song – it is definitely one that you can bop to! And it certainly helped my daughter complete the task of sweeping and mopping our floors. 🙂

Do you listen to music while you complete your household chores?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

Music Monday: A Little Bit of Mia and Drake

At my Zumba classes I have danced to a lot of music I do not know. I have also danced to music that is apparently on the radio – music I do not know because, alas, I do not tune in to a radio station.

One of the newer songs I have danced to in my classes is Mia by Bad Bunny (featuring Drake). It is only a few weeks ago that I figured out the name of the song and found it on YouTube:

I have no idea what the singer is saying but the tune is catchy and I enjoy dancing to it. This song has been stuck in my head since our last class and I am wondering if our teacher tonight will have it on her playlist. I hope so as I am beginning to remember the moves 🙂

What song is playing in your head today?

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