Music Monday: I Don't Care

When my children do their chores around our home, the first thing they do is put on their music playlist. Every now and then, one of my daughters play a song that I enjoy listening to. Yesterday it was I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeren and Justin Bieber:

I like the lighthearted and breezy tune of the song – it is definitely one that you can bop to! And it certainly helped my daughter complete the task of sweeping and mopping our floors. 🙂

Do you listen to music while you complete your household chores?

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Music Monday: Sucker by The Jonas Brothers

On Friday my daughter told me about a new song by The Jonas Brothers. I had seen that they had got back together but had not yet listened to any of their new songs. My daughter particularly likes Sucker and has started playing it a number of times since it has come out.We watched the video together:

I like the song. It is catchy and I have always like the music these brothers make. I am not too keen on the video though as there doesn’t seem to be a link between the song and the images on the screen. And it does look a bit pretentious to me.

What do you think of the new song – and video – by The Jonas Brothers?

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Music Monday: I’ve Gotta Feeling

A few years back, my eldest daughter loved the Black-Eyed Peas. I bought the album for her and we spent many hours listening to the songs (which I also loved).The tunes are catchy and you would often find us moving our feet to the beat. It has been a while now since we have listened to the album – but you never really forget the songs that you have listened to many times in the past.

When I was searching for choreography to learn as a warm-up for the first Zumba class that I wish to one day lead, I came across I Gotta Feeling by The Black-Eyed Peas. I knew straight away that this was the song that I wanted to learn. I already knew the song, so that was one less thing that I had to learn.

The song already has memories for me and now I plan to make even more.

Have you listened to The Black-Eyed Peas?

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Music Monday: BTS

‘LG Q7 BTS 에디션’ 예약 판매 시작 (42773472410) (cropped).jpg

My daughter is a HUGE fan of BTS, a Korean pop band. Each day she listens to their music and watches their videos on YouTube. She has watched numerous interviews given by them, and stayed up late to watch the AMA in order to see them perform. She loves them so much that she spent all of her money on a ticket to go and see them. For a while now I have been listening to their songs and have grown familiar with them. Most of them are high energy and upbeat. My favourite is titled Fire:

Their recent song is Idol. 

I love the dancing in their videos. During the dancathon I participated in on Saturday, the Zumba teacher played Idol. I recognised the song with glee and danced to it with enthusiasm. When I told my daughter she could not help grinning.

Have you heard of the K-pop band BTS?

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Music Monday: Just The Way You Are

When I move into the kitchen to cook dinner in the early evenings, I bring my playlist along with me. The music helps me to focus on something other than the tedium of chopping and cutting up vegetables. Whenever I hear Bruno Mars’ song Just The Way You Are, I cannot help but sing along with him:

This is one song I will not delete from my playlist – I do not seem to get bored with it.

Which song do you keep on your playlist?

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The Sounds of ABBA

Dancing Queen single from ABBA (1976)
Dancing Queen single from ABBA (1976) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My teen years were intertwined with the sounds of ABBA, a pop group made up of four talented people: Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Their tunes often echoed within the walls of our home as all of us loved dancing and singing to their tunes. The songs were not only played in our home. Each year my aunt hosted a New Year’s party and one of the “must play” songs was Dancing Queen. I remember all of my family members – aunts, uncles and cousins – getting up to sing and dance to this song. Hearing these rhythms brings back such good memories of this.

If my sisters, friends and I wanted just to sing the song we could not resist singing was Knowing Me, Knowing You . We would stand with the imaginary microphone in our hands singing our hearts out.

And of course Fernando was included in our repertoire because of a teenager’s need to sing ballads:

As I left my teen years behind me and ABBA disbanded to pursue their individual interests, I still enjoyed listening to the sounds of this Swedish band.

Now when I hear these old songs, good memories come to my mind of my adolescence and family get-togethers.

What is your favourite ABBA song?

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K-pop Gangham Style

This weekend my husband introduced me to a different style of music that he had listened to on YouTube: K-pop. K-pop is a Korean style of pop music that is upbeat and includes rhythms of dance, hip-hop, and R&B. The song I listened to was Gangham Style:

I loved the beat and the catchy tune – though I have no idea at all what he is singing. And the music video? Watching it for a second time, I realised that it is a parody of the North American music videos: flashbacks to J Lo walking with a breeze in her hair surrounded by virile men; or Michael Jackson doing his moves with his dancers. Even though there are parts of the video which suggest raunchiness, they do not suggest the sexuality that  oozes from Lady Gaga’s productions. The video is bright and airy; and makes you want to dance. Which is exactly what my family and I did last night when we attempted to copy Psy’s moves. What fun 🙂

Have you listened to Gangham Style? What do you think of the song and the music video?

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