Music Monday: Ricky Martin

When I cook, I listen to music on YouTube. Yesterday , Ricky Martin’s song Maria was suggested and I could not resist selecting it.

The song holds memories of me singing and moving to it when I was much younger. I remember dancing to La Copa da Vida with members of my family at our dance parties.

Now when I go to Zumba, I sometimes dance to this tune and a more recent one: La Mordidita. 

I always enjoy listening to Lain rhythms and dancing to the music of Ricky Martin. I guess that is why I enjoy Zumba. 🙂

Do you enjoy the Latin rhythms of Ricky Martin?

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Back to Work with the Minions

Today is back to routine. My alarm clock woke me up and I stumbled out of bed in the dark. While eating breakfast, I look out into the dark morning and shiver. Today is going to be a cold one. It will also be a difficult one as we all get back into our workday routines. The minions epitomise the lack of enthusiasm many will feel as they enter the school today.

Once the school day starts, however, I am sure that smiles will begin to spread and joy sparkle in eyes.

If you begin your year at work today, may you have a fulfilling day.

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Music Monday: Get It Started

From the moment I woke up, this song has been playing in my head! I wished to think of a song for my post this morning that has a story linked to it. But alas! Shakira and Pitbull would not let me ….

I do enjoy the beats of this song, and the voice of Shakira when she sings the chorus. But I hope it does not stay in my head for the entire day.

What song is playing in your head at the moment?

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Music Mondays: Easter Oratorio

I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter weekend with their family. Easter is a time for reflection and celebration and is a tradition that has been going on for centuries. The timeless music of Bach reminds us that people have been following this custom for decades:

The music we play in our current day may be different, but we still follow the same basic traditions our families have followed for generations.

MondaysWhat is your favourite Easter music?

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Music Monday: Co-Pilot

I am sitting in front of my laptop thinking of a song to share this Monday morning and the only tune that runs through my head is Co-Pilot by Kristina Maria and Corneille. My daughter introduced me to this song over a year ago and I loved it on the first hearing. I like that it is a combination of two languages – and that I am able to understand both 🙂

I am sure this catchy tune is going to be in my head for the rest of the day! And I am sure to play it this evening when I cook dinner.

MondaysWhat tune is currently running through your head?

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Follow the Leader

Last night for dinner, my husband made a delicious curry. He called it a bit “peppy” which means that it was a little hot. My daughter sang the words, “My mouth, my mouth, my mouth is on fire!” to the tune of Follow the Leader. As always, the song made me think of when I used to compete in Ballroom and Latin American competitions. They always played this song during the interval and it was fun to “follow the leader” and do the line dance. It was especially fun to see all the competitors in their costumes moving to music for the pure enjoyment of moving to the music.

It has been decades since I have danced to this song in a large group. It will, however, always hold pleasant memories for me.

MondaysHave you danced to Follow the Leader?

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Often when my family and I are having dinner together, the iPad comes out to share a video. Last night, my son shared a version of the song Hello sung by Walk Off The Earth. 

I enjoyed listening to the cover of this song. I love that the video was shot in a garage and that the instruments they played were their own creation. Their video and version of the song is certainly different from Adele’s original song:

I have now put both of these versions on my playlist.

MondaysWhich version of Hello do you prefer?

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