Teaser Tuesdays: Knit the Season

During the Winter break I spent a bit of time curled up on the sofa reading. One of the novels I read was Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs. Those of you who read Friday Night Knitting Club and enjoyed it, will enjoy this one as the characters are the same. This story focuses on Dakota Walker: the choices she makes and the things she learns about her deceased mother.

“”I don’t think I ever knew that stuff.” Dakota said thoughtfully. “It’s weird to realise how well I knew my mom, and yet she had all these other parts to her. Hiding bills like a crazy person.”

“No, it’s all right,” replied Anita. “Necessary, even. You’re not a little girl anymore. You said so over and over, of course. But it seems to me that you’re ready to learn the different sides of Georgia Walker. Beyond the mom and business owner.”” (p. 61, The Berkley Publishing Group, 2009)

I enjoyed reading this novel centred around the holiday season and the growth of a young woman.

What books did you read during the holiday season?

(This post was inspired by Miz. B’s Teaser Tuesdays)

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