Teaser Tuesday: The Death Cure by James Dashner

A few weeks ago I began reading The Maze Runner series. My daughter had spoken about this series and her wish to read it so when I came across a copy, I picked it up for her. As she was in the process of writing exams, I decided to open the novel and begin reading. From the first pages, I became engrossed in the story of the Maze that James Dashner had created.

This morning I began the third novel in the series: The Death Cure. The teaser comes from the first chapter and continues from where the second novel ends:

“The rage crept in. Like a shivering rat looking for a spot of warmth, a crumb of food. And with every passing day came an increasing anger so intense that Thomas sometimes caught himself shaking uncontrollably before he reeled the fury back in and pocketed it. He didn’t want it to go away for good; he only wanted to store it and let it build. Wait for the right time, the right place, to unleash it. WICKED had done all this to him. WICKED had taken his life and those of his friends and were using them for whatever purposes they deemed necessary. No matter the consequences.” (p2-3, Delacorte Press, USA, 2011)

I look forward to reading the rest of Thomas’s story. The first two books in the series enthralled me and this one looks to be as good.

What are you reading this week? Feel free to share a few sentences from the book in the comments. 

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