Grateful for Headache Tablets

Yesterday during the day, I could feel a headache building up. It gnawed at my head the entire day. After work I went for a walk, hoping to blow it away. The walk did me good in that I exercised; but it did not lessen the tension around my head. During the night, my throbbing head woke me up and I capitulated – I took a headache pill. I do not enjoy taking these tablets and swallow them only when I can no longer withstand the pain. Taking the over-the-counter drug normally deadens the pain enough that I can fall asleep. Today I will take the bottle to school with me in case I need to mask the pain in my head that still makes itself felt.

Today I am grateful that there are painkillers that a person can buy without a prescription. They definitely help lessen pain and discomfort.

What have you been grateful for this week?

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