Music Monday: Gregg Le Rock

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Last week Wednesday I went on a school field trip with my class and all the other grade 1 classes to a concert. We went to see Gregg Le Rock, a Canadian musician who writes and sings French songs aimed at school children who are learning French. To prepare them for the concert, I teach the children the songs beforehand and we practise singing them every morning. I will share with you a few favourites. The videos have been made with French subtitles, and the pictures have been deliberately chosen to show the meaning of the lyrics.

The first song I teach them every year is the one on Terry Fox. It is a perfect song for when we run to raise money for cancer; and it is a song that teaches them about endurance.

This year, the favourite of my class was Dans Ma Maison, a song which lists all the furniture that can be found in a house:

The children enjoyed singing to Ecoutons La Radio. At the concert this was the second song Gregg Le Rock sang – and he sang it with a different rhythm. Loved it!

But the vibe was the best for the song Montrez-Moi Vos Mains. I loved seeing my students wave their hands while the musician was singing.

And which Canadian would not love the song Au Canada. We certainly do!

The children enjoyed their concert-going experience and stepped off of the school bus into the school singing Gregg Le Rock’s songs.

Have you been to a concert held by a musician of children’s songs?

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Music Monday: Stromae

As you all know from last week’s Gratitude post, I bought Stromae’s music on Amazon. I am loving the CDs and listen to them while I do my chores around the house. Today I am going to share with you some of my favourite songs created by this Belgian musician. Even though the singing is in French, it is well worth it listening to the music and watching his videos – which are imaginative and creative.

The first song I will share with you, is the first of his songs that I listened to. A few years ago, a group of us were talking in the staffroom during lunch about music and his song Papaoutai was mentioned. As soon as I got home that evening, I searched for the song on YouTube and could not help adding it to my playlist. The song talks about absent fathers and suggests what a young boy would feel when his father is not around to spend time with him.

I enjoy the song Alors On Danse . Not only do I enjoy the beat to this song (it sounds good played loud!), but the video is thought provoking.

Another thought provoking song is Carmen. A song in the style of a well-known song from the opera Carmen, we are encouraged to think about our use of the social media platform Twitter. This video has English sub-titles so you can follow what he is singing.

The last song I will share with you is Tous Les Memes – a song which suggests that we are all the same. I love the video for the song – he definitely thinks differently to many of the people out there who create music videos.

He is definitely Formidable (another of his tracks) and I never tire of listening to his songs.

Which of Stromae’s songs do you prefer?

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Music Monday: Co-Pilot

I am sitting in front of my laptop thinking of a song to share this Monday morning and the only tune that runs through my head is Co-Pilot by Kristina Maria and Corneille. My daughter introduced me to this song over a year ago and I loved it on the first hearing. I like that it is a combination of two languages – and that I am able to understand both 🙂

I am sure this catchy tune is going to be in my head for the rest of the day! And I am sure to play it this evening when I cook dinner.

MondaysWhat tune is currently running through your head?

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