Sand and Stars

One of the genres I enjoy reading is science fiction. When I look back on my teen years, I remember reading the Dune saga by Frank Herbert with enthusiasm. I loved the otherworldly places he described, as well as many of the characters he created. The Star Wars films were also a favourite and hearing the theme song would make me think of the futuristic planes and personalities.

Moving location to the other side of the world meant I had to leave my books and films behind. Seeing the novel House Atreides at a library book sale reminded me of my enjoyment of Herbert’s writing. It may be time to re-read the saga.

Have you read the Dune saga?

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May The Fourth Be With You!

May the Force be with you!

The first Star Wars film I saw was The Return of the Jedi when it first came out in the cinema. I was with my great aunt and we were spending the day together in the city. We decided to see a movie and chose to watch a science fiction story. I loved the film and ever since then was a fan. So much so that I vowed to name my daughter after Princess Leia!

I also enjoyed the Dune saga when it was first published and was lucky enough to find the prequel to the series at the last library book sale I attended. When moving from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern, I had to leave my book collections behind – one of them being the stories of Dune. Rereading this novel will bring back good memories.

Are you a Stars Wars fan? Do you enjoy reading science fiction?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019