An End of the Week Smile

Last week was super busy. I went in early to school, and came home late. Why? “Twas the season of report cards and parent interviews. By Friday I was tired but I had something to look forward to – a chance to hear David Baldacci speak,  one of my favourite authors. I was excited to hear him speak that I went out even though I was tired and it was snowing.

I was surprised at the small number of people attending the talk. I am guessing that the event was not well advertised – and that many people have other things to do on a Friday night. The people who were present, though, listened attentively as the author spoke.

He looked just as he does on the dust jackets of his many novels. He had prepared a speech and recounted many humorous anecdotes. I laughed a number of times – totally unexpected as his novels are not funny at all.

But even though he made us laugh, Baldacci was quiet and reserved during the actual book signing. Most of the author events I have been to, the authors do chat a little with the readers. This writer, however, did not feel comfortable doing so – which is surprising as he must have done so many of these events. I guess it all comes down to personality. And many writers, I believe, are quiet people at heart.

The author event was the perfect start to a busy weekend. But those smiles are for another post. 🙂

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmileHave you heard David Baldacci speak?

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(This post was inspired by Trent’s Weekly Smile, a challenge which focuses on sharing all things positive.)

Book Review: The Guilty by David Baldacci

Ever since I read David Baldacci for the first time I have been a fan so when I saw his novel titled Guilty, I could not resist. This novel returns to a favourite character, Will Robie, the government’s most professional and lethal assassin. On his latest mission, he is unable to pull the trigger and fails in his assignment. To recover, he is given leave during which he goes back to his past and the town where he grew up. His father, whom he has not seen for twenty years, has been arrested and charged with murder. While trying to prove his father’s innocence, Robie goes back to his past and works towards a chance of healing himself.

As always, Baldacci’s novel is a page turner. This well written novel encourages the reader to keep on reading. What I enjoyed in this novel was not only the fast-paced action, but also the times when the author surprised me with twists. This story is not predictable and the ending has a little surprise. I finished the novel wanting to read more about Will Robie. I definitely need to see whether another novel has been written about this character.

Do you enjoy reading fast-paced thrillers?

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(This novel was the 14th in my 50 book pledge for 2018)

Book Review: The Last Mile by David Baldacci

For the Family Day long weekend, I wanted a novel that would be quick and easy to read. My intention was to spend some time on the sofa reading and I wished for a story I could complete by the time I had to go back to work. When I looked at the books lining my shelf, the choice was easy – I grabbed David Baldacci’s The Last Mile. 

The novel features a character I have met before in Baldacci’s novels – Amos Decker, a detective who has a perfect memory. In this tale, he is hired onto an FBI special task force. With the new team, he is able to take on the case of Melvin Mars, a man who is saved from the lethal injection on Death Row when another man confesses to the murder for which he was charged.

As with all of Baldacci’s novels, the action in this story does not stop. Using his memory and logical mind, Decker thinks of scenarios that can help keep Mars from returning to prison. With the help of the new FBI task force, and Melvin Mars himself, the past is uncovered bit by bit. I chose well, and this novel was a quick read that kept me interested in the story right until the end. Readers of thrillers will love this tale not only because it is action-packed but also because it is well-written.

Have you read any of the Amos Decker stories?

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(This novel was the ninth in my 50 book pledge for 2018)

Book Review: Hour Game by David Baldacci

Since I discovered David Baldacci, I have read his stories with enjoyment. This yarn was no different, encouraging me to turn page after page with my eyes riveted by the words.

The title, Hour Game , suggests a game and the story encompasses just that – a game that has been created by a serial killer. The game begins with a murdered woman in the woods, killed in the style of an infamous murderer. The next victim is killed in a different style, thus making it difficult for the investigators to determine the killer’s motives. Among the investigators are two characters that readers have been introduced to in previous novels: Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, two ex-Secret Service agents. I love that we learn more about these characters in this story and am always excited to see a novel with them in it.

I enjoyed this fast-paced thriller. Baldacci kept me guessing as to who was committing murder. Some of my guesses were incorrect as unexpected incidents made me second-guess myself. This novel is definitely well worth the read and I recommend it if you enjoy thrillers that you can finish over a few days.

Have you read any of David Baldacci’s novels?

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(This novel was the third in my 50 book pledge for 2018)

An Innocent Teaser

During this past week I turned the pages of The Innocent by David Baldacci. This fast-paced story kept my interest during the entire story. The unexpected twists were welcome, making the story unpredictable. Will Robie is a character with flaws and, although he is a trained killer, did have me rooting for him. My support for him began when he refused to carry out a kill on a woman he senses is innocent; and then rescues a teenager from a certain death. The twists and turns in the novel do not stop right until the end. I enjoyed this story and have the next one featuring this character on my book list.

The following is a little teaser introducing you to a situation the main character finds himself in:

“All intruders found would be executed. It was just that sort of place.

Robie turned over on his back, his face to the ceiling.

Three days, or seventy-two hours to go.

It seemed his entire existence was one uninterrupted countdown.” (p.22)

Do you enjoy reading fast-paced action stories?

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