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The start of a new year encourages one to think of resolutions and goals for the forthcoming year. When I think of New Year Resolutions, I tend to think of one or two goals that I would like to focus on during the year. This year, a few have come to mind.

Firstly, I would like to continue with my exercise. I have been doing Zumba for 18 months now and I have noticed that my fitness levels have increased. I began with one class a week and am now attending three classes. What I would like to try during 2018 is to increase the numbers of times that I go to the gym every week. Unfortunately, I am unable to do Zumba everyday – the class times are not always suitable. I will, therefore, have to try other classes. I am thinking of trying BodyPump because it is weight training and I have read that lifting weights would be a good way to increase my bone density.

I will try out the class sometime this week while I am on break and then see how I can fit it into my weekly routine.

My second resolution is to continue blogging. On the first day of 2018, I received a notification from WordPress that I had been blogging for 6 years. Six years ago, my resolution had been to blog and I have managed to continue blogging until now. During the last year or so, I have not always been able to keep up with daily blogging, but the writing and sharing on this medium is something that I wish to continue when I have the chance. I enjoy the connections that I have made with bloggers over the years; and I enjoy the writing piece that works hand in hand-in-hand with posting. Blogging is not something that I would like to give up anytime soon.

Last year, one of my resolutions was to write an entry every day in a 5 year journal that had been given to me. This is a resolution that I kept up and intend to continue this year. I have learned to summarise my day in a sentence or two – and focus on the positive. So far it has been interesting to compare this year’s entry with last year’s.

My final focus for 2018 is to continue with my goal to lose weight. The scale needle has not moved too much during 2017. I have become more toned, however, and my clothes are fitting better. The exercise is helping me to lose fat and build muscle. Hopefully during the forthcoming year, I can lose more fat. It is so hard, though, to stop eating chocolate!

These are my resolutions and goals for 2018. I may think of others later on in the year, but these will be on the top of my list.

What are your resolutions for 2018?

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Wishes for 2017

Image result for happy new year 2017 free imageA new year has begun. Unbelievable isn’t it? My New Year did not start with a bang. Instead it began as every other day and continued as a relaxing day . Next week, we are back at school and we will hit the tar running as we begin to prepare for the report cards.

5 Year Anniversary Achievement Five years ago, I registered with WordPress to begin blogging on this space. In 2012 it was my New Year’s resolution to begin blogging and share my thoughts. And today I am still continuing with that resolution. What has been amazing for me are the friendships that I have formed in the blogosphere due to my blogging resolution. It is my dream that one day I will meet face-to-face some of the amazing people that I have met online.

I would like to wish all of you, my readers, a wonderful 2017.  May it bring all that you wish for. Thank you for reading what I write. And thank you for commenting on my posts. I appreciate the time that you take to do so.

To a fantastic 2017.


A Blogging Achievement

1000-hitsLast week I looked at my stats and saw it: 1000 posts! I could not believe it and went back a while later to recheck. Yes, it is true! I have written 1000 posts – and people have read them!

I have written about personal experiences, about my family, and about my favourite recipes. I have written flash fiction, shared photos about the places I have visited, and expressed my views on teaching. I have tried my hand at poetry, written a few book reviews, and reminisced on my favourite music. Films, crafts, and crochet have all been featured in my posts. The writing that is found on this space is truly a reflection of my tagline: “A potpourri of thoughts and experiences”.

Blogging with WordPress has been an exhilirating experience. I have grown in confidence with my writing, I have shared my thoughts and interests with others who feel as I do, and I have met some wonderful people in the past 3 and a bit years. During this time I have begun my own challenge (My Gratitude Project), participated in photo challenges and writing challenges, and enjoyed reading a range of posts published in the blogosphere. Blogging is an activity that I am definitely going to continue doing.

And now to write the next 1000 ….

What have been some of the posts you have enjoyed on my blog?

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Sans Inspiration

As I sit here in front of my laptop, my mind swirls with all the things I have committed myself to doing within the next month. I think of my class and the activities I wish to plan for the new inquiry on Living Things. I think of the Demonstration Class I am involved in with our school’s library teacher and how we can make the class a fruitful expeerience for the teachers who come to observe us. I think of the Kindergarten Orientation that I have offered to help plan and arrange for the month of May. I think of the plans that are currently being made for next year and the various ways in which the classes may be divided.

As I think of these and my other responsibilities, I find I am uninspired to write or even think of interesting topics to share. I know that this lack of inspiration is a phase and that it will pass. I know that there will come a time when I will have a moment to think on my blog posts and come up with inspired topics. In the meantime, though, I continue to think on what is in front of me at work and work towards creating a positive experience for the children in my class.

Where do you do to find inspiration?

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Grateful for Faithful Blogging Friends

Processed with RookieThere are weeks when I am able to keep up with the blogging I wish to do: write a post, answer comments, and visit blogs that I follow and that interest me. There have been times, though, when I have been unable to keep to work deadlines and blog to my satisfaction. During those weeks, my gravatar is unseen in the blogosphere; and my voice is silent.

And yet when I am able to return to my WordPress blog, friends welcome me back with open arms. They read my posts and make comments – and make me feel that I haven’t been away for so long. I am grateful for those people who read what I write, and who share their thoughts with me.

This week I am grateful for my blogger friends — especially those who ‘met’ me when I started blogging and who continue to frequently read and comment on my posts. Thank you.

What have you been grateful for this week?

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Sporadic Posting

At the moment time seems to be something I am always searching for. As expected, my moments are taken up with planning and organising my new class. As I have not taught grade 2s before, I need to familiarise myself with the curriculum and plan activities for the children. In addition, I am learning how to run two curriculums concurrently. Time is also spent making up parent contact lists and setting assessment folders for the children.

At the moment my life is taken up with the class I am teaching this year and the result is that I have no time to blog (and to be honest, my fatigue has also wiped away my inspiration for ideas). For the next little while – until I get on my feet – my blog posts and visits to blogs will be sporadic at best. Soon I will see you more frequently but until then, thank you for your patience.

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Grateful for WordPress Themes

I had been thinking of changing the look of my blog for a while – and this weekend I took the plunge. After browsing through the many free options WordPress has, I settled on a theme that looks simple and clean. I have added themes to my navigation bar and will add more as I work on eliminating my sidebar. My wish is to make my blog look less cluttered – and to make it easier for readers to navigate.

This week I am grateful that WordPress gives bloggers the option to change to look of their blogs at no additional cost. The themes allow us to express our creativity as our blog grows and develops over time. It may take me a while to get my blog looking like I want it to but at least I have been able to begin the process.

What have you been grateful for this week?

Last week Patchwork Ponderings was Grateful for Photographs.

Frizz is grateful for the Music in his life.

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Grateful for Blogging Community

I was away from my blog for over a month: I did not think about writing, creating posts, or taking pictures with the intention to post them for the duration of five weeks. Now that I am blogging again, I feel as if I have not been away. My posts are being read by the people who have always read my writing. Comments are being made on what I have written. Many readers have welcomed me back with positive encouragement.

This week I am grateful for the loyalty of my readers and the positive community that I have found in the blogosphere. This is a community that I enjoy and that I do not regret joining it. Coming back from a break to the welcome I have received, reinforces my belief that blogging on WordPress is the best form of social media.

Processed with RookieWhat have you been grateful for this week?

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I enjoy reading what others are grateful for – the posts make me think of other things I am happy to have in my life. Please remember to send me a pingback so that I know you have participated. 

A Blogging Break

Dear Readers,

As you know, I am currently following a course to improve my teaching of French as a Second Language. I have enjoyed the sessions so far and have managed thus far to keep up with blogging. Deadlines are now looming, however, and I find myself switching on my computer to work on my assignment and presentation. In order to create more time to work on the deadlines, I have decided to take a blogging break until my course is done at the end of March, or until I have completed the work I need to do.

I shall miss the writing and the communication I have with you. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day.

Your fellow blogger,


Blogging Anniversary

January 1st was not only the beginning of 2015, but also the date of my blogging anniversary on this space. On the first day of 2012, I decided to begin Colline’s Blog with the aim of writing on a range of topics. Sitting down to write was my New Year’s resolution that year – and it is one resolution that I have kept for three years now. As I move into my fourth year of blogging on this space, I think back on what I have achieved so far.

I have certainly made many blogger friends – and these are people I enjoy communicating with. I enjoy the comments they make on my blog and, when I am able, I enjoy reading the posts that they have created. During the past year (2014), I passed the 1000 mark for WordPress followers. I also had my busiest day on my blog – 280 visitors! I could not quite believe this number when I saw it and was curious to know the post that had attracted so much attention. The post, A Voortrekker Display, was one I had created about a museum I had visited with my children when in South Africa.

A few of my older posts still get viewed. To this day Our Need for Shelter, which was written in April 2012, still gets views. Not surprisingly, this post has the most comments (72 in total). In May 2013, I wrote a note to my mom (A Mother’s Day Note), and that post has a total of 43 comments. And my third-viewed post of all time – my recipe on Baked Salmon with Basil and Parsley.

This past year I have also written on one topic for a total of 31 days. It was challenging to do this on so many levels: I had to think back into the past and dig deep to re-experience emotions; and I had to express in words experiences that I had not often spoken about. I tried my best to avoid repetition and yet stay true to my experience of moving to another country.

Processed with RookieDuring this year I also began my Gratitude Project. My aim is to blog each week on something I am grateful for. Having an attitude of gratitude helps one, I believe, to think positively in one’s life – and helps with one’s feeling of contentment. Thinking of things that I am grateful for has not been as difficult as I thought it would be; and reading other people’s gratitude posts has shown me even more things I have to be grateful for.

Near the end of the year, I made the decision to make my blog a .com address. I have done so to show my commitment to my blog – and to see whether it will make any difference to the traffic on the blog. I have not yet seen any difference.

As I move into my fourth year of blogging, I look forward to more writing and sharing of photos – and to more communication with people I have come to know through this medium. Blogging is one New Year’s resolution I do not regret making; and one I hope to follow through with again during 2015.

What were your blogging highlights during 2014?

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