Share the Load

Did you grow up in a home in which chores were shared equally between boys and girls? Or did you grow up in a traditional home in which the mother was expected to do household chores, raise the family, and help to earn money for the family? Even in modern society, women are expected to take on their second job when they get home while their spouse relaxes after a hard day at work. So often we focus on gender equality in the workplace and forget about it in our own homes!

In India a campaign was started by Proctor & Gamble to promote their laundry detergent, Ariel. In the commercial, they suggested that men help women do the laundry in the home:

The challenge has been issued to all fathers and dads in India for over a year now. I cannot help wondering whether the commercial has had any impact on the habits of the husbands that have been targeted. I am curious to know as well whether the women have reacted to the implication of a shared workload, and whether they have realised that hey do not need to do everything on their own.

Do the men in your life help with the laundry?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016

Off The Wall: Asian Parents

Over the weekend, lunch and/or dinner with my family will often result in someone bringing out the iPad. Last weekend, my daughter shared with us a video she had found on YouTube. She enjoyed the clip very much and wanted to share its humour with us. Off the Wall is a group that has posted many videos on the Asian stereotype.

As we were watching it, we could not help but laugh. It seemed as if the video was descibing my husband (the Asian part of our marriage) and his siblings. Now we tease him whenever he does something that is typical of an Asian parent 🙂

Does the video describe your experience of Asian parents?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2016