A Taste of Chocolate

On Friday last week I discovered the Lindt store while on one of my walks. I love the creamy texture of this chocolate and decided to step into the space to browse. I could not resist buying a bag of chocolate balls for my family and I to enjoy.

This week I am savouring the different tastes of the chocolate after dinner. There are so many that I haven’t tasted before: citrus and mango, sea salt, and even cappuccino. They are all delicious – and they definitely make me smile!

Do you enjoy the taste of Lindt chocolate?

ยฉ Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

(This post is linked to Trentโ€™sย Weekly Smile.)

22 thoughts on “A Taste of Chocolate

  1. That looks like quite a treat there, and so many flavours of Lindt chocolate. I’ve only had the flavours you find the supermarkets – milk, dark and white chocolate. Enjoy the chocolates, Colline. Plenty for the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. A long, long time ago I worked for one Christmas season at Borders, which was a big book store. They had these chocolates up at each cash register to tempt the customers. I never once tried one, but I think I sould have!


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