The Taste of Nik Naks

While driving with our nephew on Saturday, we passed a store that sells South African goods. Of course we had to stop and investigate – especially as we all wanted to indulge in a snack we don’t often get to eat since we have moved here: biltong.

While browsing in the store, my daughter saw the packets of Nik Naks, a crispy snack that she loved to eat when we were last in South Africa. She admitted that she could not remember the taste but recalls that she enjoyed it. I bought a packet which we shared amongst the five of us. The salty, tangy taste took us back to the past and the flavours of home. Definitely a smile for our family.

What taste took you back to the past this week?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

(This post is linked to Trent’s Weekly Smile.)

15 thoughts on “The Taste of Nik Naks

  1. Are these like Cheetos? Not sure if you know that very popular US snack, which is a baked little log of cheesy goodness! I love eating local snack, and yes, when I was in Tokyo I bought a bag of “Almond Fish” – a mix of almonds and little fried fish!


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