Currently Listening: The Switch

Currently I am listening to The Switch by Beth O’Leary while starting a new crochet project. I am now working on an afghan for my cousin (remember my yarn haul of a few weeks ago?)

The story I am listening to centres on Leena and her grandmother Eileen. Ordered to take a two month long sabbatical after blowing a big presentation at work, Leena escapes to her grandmother’s house. Once there, the two women decide to switch lives for the period: Leena takes over her grandmother’s life while Eileen, a 79 year old woman, goes to London to look for love and a change of pace. Stepping into one another’s shoes proves more difficult than either of them expected – ad leads them to learning more about themselves.

I am enjoying this 2 POV narration that is spot on. The narrators of the novel are perfect for the two generations of women in the story – their voices sound their age! I cannot stop listening as the storytelling just draws me in. I loved The Flatshare and I am enjoying The Switch just as much. Beth O’Leary has done it again in that she has created a relevant story for today’s times that is so different to the other stories out there.

What are you currently listening to?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

(This audiobook is the 105th novel in my book pledge for 2020)

13 thoughts on “Currently Listening: The Switch

  1. This sounds so interesting, have the two characters switched bodies . Is the young woman’s persona inside the older woman and visa versa or have they literally just swapped places? 💜


    1. They are still in their own places but they have switched lives: the grandmother is living in London in Leena’s home, and the granddaughter is living in Eileen’s home and taking care of her tasks.


  2. I used to love listening to books on my commute to work. Now that I’m not commuting any more (YEA!!!) I haven’t listened to much of anything. Mostly because I have no device to listen to it. Did you know cars now don’t have CD players? What the heck!!! Anyway, this book sounds familiar, I think maybe I read it. I’d have to go look at my goodreads list to know for sure though.

    Right now I’m reading “Gravity is the Thing” which is pretty odd but interesting. Also started “Swimming Lessons” but haven’t gotten very far now that I’m back home from my camping trip. Katie, the dog is an anti-reading dog…every time I sit down she seems to think she needs something. Sigh.


    1. Your Katie sounds like a young child 😀
      I listen to audiobooks from my phone while I am doing things around the home. I now just have to get myself some wireless headphones 😀


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