Some Plant Colour

Four years ago my family gave me a beautiful flowering plant (name unknown) for Mother’s Day. The plant has not flowered since, but I have enjoyed seeing its beauty everyday in my living room.

About a week ago, I noticed a little red amongst the green and was excited to see that my pot plant was about to show a little colour.

The flower has unfurled and is small – smaller than the ones the plant had when it was gifted to me. However, I am excited to see that after so long, the plant finally has bloomed.

As I sit on the sofa or at the dining table, I look over and cannot help but smile at its presence.

I am not sure how long the flower will last – or if another one will eventually show. What I do know is that I will enjoy it for the time it is present.

Do you have any flowering pot plants?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

(This post is linked to Becky’s Square Challenge on differing perspectives and Trent’s Weekly Smile.)

38 thoughts on “Some Plant Colour

  1. How fun to have some plant and flower joy 😉
    And I wonder why it did not flower for four years – maybe the food and soil (I read Sylvia’s comment too)
    But i felt analogy here – sometimes our life can ha d periods like this – years of staying alive and holding our own but maybe not blooming – and then…. then comes a bloom.


  2. wow! it’s absolutely beautiful! i’m so glad new flowers have bloomed!!! it really does add so much life and joy to the room. thank you for sharing🤍

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me🥺🤍


  3. You should try giving it a high phosphorus fertiliser! Any flowering plants in the Araceae family (this one’s an anthurium) tend to do flower more vigorously when given some good ol’ phosphorus


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