Weekend Coffee Share: First Week of June

If we were having coffee, we would still be meeting virtually. Even though some stores have opened up in our city for curbside pickup, we cannot yet meet up for coffee at our local coffee shop. I long for the time that I can do so and I look forward to chatting with a friend and experiencing the buzz of people around me.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that in the final week of May, we were told that we would continue with remote teaching until the end of June and the end of the school year. I was disappointed to learn that I would not be spending time with my students, but the decision was what I expected. We will know by the end of June what the new school year will look like in September. Our province is looking to others to see what their experience of going back to school is like.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that on Tuesday afternoon I went into school to place my students’ belongings into bags and to tidy up things a little in the classroom. My heart felt a little sad as I saw the incomplete projects lying around in the room; projects that I will not be able to complete with this year’s group of students. I had to organise and tidy everything within a 3 hour framework. Both my daughters came to help me and I would not have managed to do as much as I did without their help.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you if you have noticed the new banner on my blog. My daughter (who is studying art at university) created it for me. She also created the specific banner for my weekly coffee share. What do you think? I like the clean-cut lines of it – and the banners definitely make my space look more professional. Slowly I am cleaning up my blog and hopefully taking it to the next level.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that during the next week I will be focusing on report cards. I have not seen my students for 3 months and I know that writing them is not going to be easy. I will be focusing on what we did in class before the March Break, and mentioning as well the tasks that they have completed during the school closure and the remote learning period. The upcoming week is definitely not going to be an easy one as I grapple with them.

If we were having coffee, I would encouraged you to enjoy the upcoming week and to focus on the positive. This is what I am going to try and do.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

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22 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: First Week of June

  1. Yes, amid so much that is negative it is nice to be positive in our approach to the week ahead – and I do feel that social protest is necessary and important – but in looking forward, let’s hope that peace prevails and we move toward making a better world for everyone.


    1. It is only possible if we don’t give up hope and constantly fight for it. It would be a sad day if all hope were gone. I am hoping that the upcoming week be a lot more peaceful in your country – and that people continue to reflect on the importance of others being allowed to speak out.
      Have a good week John.

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  2. At this rate looks like this will be the new normal, a world of virtual lessons, virtual weddings
    and virtual friends.

    Cheers to an awesome week ahead


    1. It does look like it will be so Beaton – though I do wonder whether humans could sustain the isolation long term.
      May your week be a good one too.


  3. Your new banner looks terrific. It’s nice to have someone freshen up for you. The end of this school year will be bitter sweet for all teachers and students. It’s been a crazy ride.


    1. It is good practice for my daughter 😊
      The end of the year is sad for us all especially for the kids who haven’t seen their friends for so long.


  4. First, I’d like to say that I really think the banner for the coffee share is a treat. It is great!
    I am sure it feels weird to be in school without students. I personally dislike working days when there is only a handful of students for some reason, like on school breaks etc. I can only imagine it being empty! What a strange feeling that must be. I’m happy you got your daughters to help you clean out. I hope you are able to get to enjoy a wonderful staycation this summer as well. Do you get all school breaks off?


    1. Yes – it is part of our contract. We don’t get paid for the days we are on break (the salary we get is what has been set aside from the days we do work). The summer break is coming up and even though we don’t officially work, we do tend to spend time planning and setting up our classrooms.

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  5. Like your new Banners Colline 🙂 If we were having a coffee I’d be sympathising with your report card dilema – My Son finds himself coming to the end of his time at College and faces uncertainty about how his University course will be taught in September. Fortunately, he already had firm unconditional offers before the pandemic struck so he doesn’t have the pressure of going through the clearing house system to find a place.


    1. I truly feel for those that were set to graduate from school/university this year. Not only because they did not get to graduate properly – but also if they didn’t get to complete required courses.

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  6. Your daughter did a great job with the blog’s banner. In fact, this was the first thing which caught my attention while reading the post and scrolled up again to have a second look at it 🙂


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