Book Covers

As part of my participation in the bookstagram community on Instagram, I often take pictures of book covers. I take these pictures outside sometimes so that the background to the book may look a little interesting.

I take these photos no matter what the weather:

Sometimes I take them at home and surround them with silk flowers:

Or I place the book next to my potted plants and pair it with a snack,

a candle,

or even a drink.

Sometimes I photograph the book with only the potted plant accompanying it, showing off its green leaves

and sometimes its flowers.

From time to time, I pair a book cover with some of my students’ work:

Recently I have taken to listening to audiobooks during the social isolation period and have even shared these tops with the community.

I enjoy opening the covers of the books I read and often try to think of ways in which I can show off the work created by the artists who designed them.

Do you enjoy looking at book covers?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

(This post is linked to Becky’s Square Challenge. During the month of April, we are challenged to share photos featuring #squaretops)

15 thoughts on “Book Covers

  1. Wonderful . . our local library does the same but they tend to use ones with faces on and then depict a person behind so it looks as though there is an actual person there but with the book face as their face!

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  2. One thing I miss most about book stores is the chance to pick up a book and really enjoy the artwork on the cover…there are times, just like movie posters, when the cover is the best thing about the book! Terrific post!

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  3. That’s one of the reasons why I love Bookstagram so much, the combination of taking photos of books, I’m such a visual person, and these covers are so pretty, they are just waiting to be photographed.


  4. Book covers are always fascinating, really enjoyed this one and will have a look at Instagram too. Great Inspiration for new ideas 💡😊


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