Looking From Above

We are nearing the end of our third week of social distancing and, as I look down from our balcony mid-morning, I can see how quiet the streets and nearby park are. Normally at this time of day, the sidewalks are busy with people, the park echoes with the sound of playing children, and the roads are teeming with cars.

However, the eerie silence does have a thread of positivity running through it – the city dwellers in my neighbourhood are following the directives of the politicians in charge of running our country. Hopefully our actions will show results in the upcoming weeks. All I know as I look down from my balcony, that I miss being a part of the life on those streets.

Are you able to see the quiet streets from above?

Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

(This post is linked to Becky’s Square Challenge. During the month of April, we are challenged to share photos featuring #squaretops)

32 thoughts on “Looking From Above

    1. Me too Becky – it is a world at peace.
      By the way, I have just found a number of your comments in my spam folder!! Which is weird as some of your comments have come through. Now onto to replying to all those spammed remarks you have made on my square posts πŸ˜€

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  1. I live at the top of Beverly Hills, in a quiet cup-de-sac, so I hear birds – and our neighbor’s GOOSE! It’s quiet, peaceful, and nature is in full bloom…helps reduce the claustrophobic nature of “Sheltering in place”

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      1. True, pretty much the same scene everywhere. I live in downtown Toronto where people are generally on the run but now it’s a totally different scene! Guess it’s the need of f the hour…


          1. Yes, I was disturbed by how many people I vsawout yesterday when doing my one grocery shopping trip per week. My Cashier said he was surprised and concerned by how many people were out as well…here is LA they had to close all beaches and we still have surfers sneaking out during th day….


            1. It is upsetting when not all people take social distancing seriously – as that is what is increasing the rate of infection.
              I do have to say that I admire the people who continue to work in grocery stores – they have become so important to our community at this moment.

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              1. I thank them every time I go…they have now added, in addition to the social distancing, two new measures: cashiers can no longer bag groceries using bags you bring in, and they have added a protective plastic shield between you as well!


  2. Our roof terrace can be a magical place, Colline. I’ve just watched the most beautiful sunrise, and I have a little patio too. So why do I feel like I’m in a strait-jacket? Sending hugs, darlin! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. The upside of the lockdown is the quietness I have decided, rather lovely to just hear nature in urban settings

    PS Did leave a comment last night but my tablet was not on top form and so it didn’t save. So my apologies for my tardy visit. So lovely to have you here with us


          1. It is most bizarre, both Jude and I have been suffering this quite a bit this week. We thought with me it might be because I tend to catch up with posts and comments in batches, but then Jude found she was disappearing into spam on her first comment . . . . we think the WP gremlins are cross with us!


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