School Closures in Ontario

Yesterday evening I was made aware of breaking news: that the schools in Ontario would be shut down for two weeks after March Break to help fight the spread of COVID-19. I was shocked to learn of this decision as there had been no lead-up at all to the decision.

Today is the last day of school before March Break – our week off school before the final stretch of the academic year. I am sure parents are currently scrambling to find daycare for their kids due to the extra two weeks they will be at home. My hope is that companies will not punish parents who need to stay at home. It would be unfair if parents were forced to take leave, or lose a paycheck.

The caretaking staff at the schools are going to take this time to sanitise the environment in addition to the cleanup they usually do doing the Break. I am hoping that the closure doesn’t extend past two weeks – and that they will work. I do not really want to spend more time away from my students.

Has the advent of the COVID-19 virus affected you in any way?

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25 thoughts on “School Closures in Ontario

  1. Schools are not closed in Quebec … yet. All public events are cancelled though and all the swimming pools, arenas, the Botanical Gardens and other attractions in Montreal are shut down until further notice. I guess we all need to adjust and do our part (while keeping cool heads) until this virus finally stops spreading.

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    1. I guess it feels so sudden because even though events have been cancelled places like museums, etc, are still open. I guess the next thing to close will be the tertiary education institutions.


  2. The schools here in NJ are preparing for the possibility of a closing by getting teachers ready to teach remotely. We will have an in-service day next week to set things up. I’m not sure how well that will work with elementary school children like ours but I understand the idea behind it. The public schools here don’t have a Spring break at this time, our’s is tied to Easter which is in May and then it is only a few days. The Universities in the area, including my daughter’s, have decided to extend their spring breaks starting this week, and to teach the rest of the semester online. We will see. Logically the best approach is to lessen the chance of spreading the virus is by avoiding large crowds. Stay safe!


    1. I agree, online teaching will not really work with elementary students – especially the younger ones – as they require practical hands-on help. Here our universities have closed and all courses will now move onto the online format.


  3. Here is Los Angeles, they are calling it an “overabundance of caution” – so all of the TV industry is shutting down production for two weeks to let things settle. Also, all conventions and festivals are cancelled…we wait and plan for when things return to normal – and we don’t panic!


  4. hier soir, Prez Macron a annoncé la fermeture des crèches, des écoles et des Universités – à partir de lundi-prochain – pour un mois… j’espère que Mme Trudeau va mieux!
    * * *
    bon courage, bonne santé et pensées optimistes! 🙂


  5. I hope that the closure helps contain the virus, Colline. Some of our local districts are closing as the number of infections here rises. I am not able to visit my dad in his care facility due to the virus. I’m grateful they are taking precautions but I’ll miss seeing my dad.


    1. Or even siblings – which is what I highlighted in this story. The financial implications for that care, however, should be a burden share by all family members.


  6. Only one of my 4.9 grandchildren are school aged. Thankfully, her mother is still on maternity leave so their family won’t be too disadvantaged. I am hoping it means I will get to spend more time with my granddaughter, was thinking of perhaps taking them to visit my grandparents old farm (now a hobby farm run by my uncle) for some outdoor fun


  7. Schools, restaurants, and bars are closed by order of Ohio’s governor. Many people are telecommuting and people are asked to self-isolate as much as possible – no playdates for children home from school. Many amusement and recreation locations are closed. C-R-A-Z-Y times! Stay well, my friend.


    1. Yesterday our province was declared to be in a Sate of Emergency. When I go out to walk on the streets, it is extremely quiet – things are definitely not the norm. I do admit I am missing the connection with people – and it has only been three days.
      Stay safe Michelle.

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  8. As a student, I didn’t like school too much, the waking up in the morning was a tedious task. But after over a month of not seeing the cream walls of my classroom, my friends, I am seriously starting to miss school!💔


  9. This is very terrible and scary. In my neighbour, we had over 54 dangerous cases. The public schools and colleges will remain close during the year. Our Governor and the mayor working very closely with our department of health to find solutions, which I doubt. Our hospitals are confused, we had no solutions and treatmentment for the virus poison. We pray to everyone and stay healthy.


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