Grateful for Principal’s Support

If you have read my recent posts, you will know that the teachers in Ontario, Canada are in a strike position. Today, all 83 000 members of the elementary union (k-8) are walking out of schools to show support for the following: small class sizes, maintaining the current kindergarten model, and protesting cuts to special education for children with needs. We are picketing this morning in rotations of three hours no matter what the weather. This morning it is snowing (with chances of sleet) and the temperatures are below 0c. I know the ice, snow, and cold are not going to be pleasant.

Yesterday in our mail boxes, all teachers received a package given to us on behalf of our principal. I could not help but feel emotional when I picked it up. The package shows her care and support – so important at a time like this. Included in the package were some snacks and – most important – hand warmers. These will definitely come in handy for today’s below 0c temperatures.

I am certainly grateful for the support of our principal, and of the admin staff in general. It means so much to have their support and to know that we, the teachers at the school, do not have to butt heads with those people who supervise us from day to day.

What are you grateful for this week?

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12 thoughts on “Grateful for Principal’s Support

  1. I’ve said this before to you, but bravo for taking a stand, and the humanity that your Principal showed proves that two sides can disagree with each other without an ugly conflict being the result. You are showing democracy at work in the best way!


    1. She stands behind us 100%. It was not too long ago that she was standing on the picket lines. Unfortunately now that she is at management level, she no longer is a part of our union and thus is unable to join us.

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      1. Yesterday on my wife’s show, they highlighted another teacher who was working to get more resources for his students, as he said to “become the teacher and mentor he never had” growing up…the majority of his kids are under the US poverty level – Kelly Clarkson’s Mom was a teacher and she is passionate about highlighting the need to support education!


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