Book Review: The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin

In December, the team at Harper Collins sent me a few books to read and review during the Winter.I was so happy to see that they had sent me The Little Bookshop on the Seine by Rebecca Raisin as I love to read any book that features Paris.

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction


When bookshop owner Sarah Smith is offered the opportunity for a job exchange with her Parisian friend Sophie, saying yes is a no-brainer—after all, what kind of romantic would turn down six months in Paris? Sarah is sure she’s in for the experience of a lifetime—days spent surrounded by literature in a gorgeous bookshop, and the chance to watch the snow fall on the Eiffel Tower. Plus, now she can meet up with her journalist boyfriend, Ridge, when his job takes him around the globe.

But her expectations cool faster than her café au lait soon after she lands in the City of Light—she’s a fish out of water in Paris. The customers are rude, her new coworkers suspicious and her relationship with Ridge has been reduced to a long-distance game of phone tag, leaving Sarah to wonder if he’ll ever put her first over his busy career. As Christmas approaches, Sarah is determined to get the shop—and her life—back in order…and make her dreams of a Parisian happily-ever-after come true.

My thoughts:

Reading this novel brought back so many memories of the year I lived in Paris. So many experiences of Sarah, were my own experiences. The Parisian descriptions were what I had gone through myself. I love this city and reading about it in The Little Bookshop on the Seine, took me back to one of my favourite places. The descriptions of the city and its people are truly authentic.

Rebecca Raisin has written more than just a love story. She has written a story about a woman who, despite finding the man she loves, goes on an adventure of discovery. Not only does Sarah go to Paris and experience another country and culture, she also discovers another part of herself. She learns to be a stronger person and to find her voice.

The story centres around a bookshop and, as such, has some beautiful bookish imagery. The imagery is perfect for a reader who loves books – and is the second reason I wanted to read this novel (the first being Paris, of course!). The description of the Parisian bookshop reminds me of my adventures into the bookshops of Paris. Loved them!

The Little Bookshop on the Seine describes the positive experience working in another country can bring. In addition, it shows the growth a woman can experience in her own right while being in a serious relationship. I enjoyed this little novel as it is so much more than a romance. This book has recently been published and is a gem. It is the perfect read for those who love Paris, books, and modern romance stories.

I give this novel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 stars

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

(This novel was the 2nd novel in my book pledge for 2020)

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