Autumn Snowfall

Yesterday I woke up to a snowfall. This is the third time this Fall – the prognosis does not look good for winter. Seems like we are in for a long, cold one.

The freshly fallen snow does look pretty though, and I love the quiet that the falling snow brings with it.

The white layer of snow does bring character to a grey city back lit by grey clouds. Living here surrounded by all the cement and bare trees can be a little depressing at times.

Today the snow still looks pretty. I am sure tomorrow will come with lower temperatures. Brrr!

Have you had any snowfall yet?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

13 thoughts on “Autumn Snowfall

  1. Los Angeles has NEVER had snow…ever. That said, just 45 minutes north or east you get to mountains that will have snowfall, and skiing is just over two hours away…strange to be so close but so far away!


  2. Like that bench photo and the one through the trees – and cold feel the quiet you describe –
    And we have had snow a few times already here in VA- but not much and nothing this month – ❄️❄️


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