Library Stack

My current library stack definitely reflects my mood for light, romantic reads. Two are of authors I have previously enjoyed (Jude Devereaux and Meg Cabot), one is recommended on Instagram (The Wedding Party) and the other (25 Days of Christmas) reflects my enjoyment of Christmas stories at this time of year.

I am currently partway through the books I have borrowed from the library. I am hoping that this week some more of my holds will come through.

What books are currently on your library stack?

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7 thoughts on “Library Stack

  1. I will be sharing a brilliant new non-fiction book on my Wednesday Bookmobile series, and have two other non-fiction books from favorite Authors lined up after…and two fiction crime thrillers from my favorite Writers after that…plus 60-odd others waiting to go….


  2. This is a great library haul! I have a copy of 25 Days ’til Christmas on my Kindle because I’m in a total Christmas mood this time of year. In what has to be an absolutely rare moment for me, I don’t have anything checked out from the library. I’ll have to remedy that soon…


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