Vote Lines

Yesterday all Canadians voted in the elections – or at least, one hoped all Canadians would. (According to the stats, 68.5% did). My family and I strategically went to vote soon after we had eaten an earlier than usual dinner as we wanted to avoid waiting in any vote lines.

Our strategy worked and we were in and out of the voting room quite quickly – no long line awaited us! What made me smile, though, was the fact that both my daughters are now voters. Performing our civic duty is something we can now do en famille. It made me proud to see them registering to vote and then casting their ballot for the first time.

Do you vote in the elections?

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(This post is linked to Becky’s Square Challenge for which we will be posting square photos featuring lines during the month of October; as well as Trent’s Weekly Smile challenge which focuses on sharing all things positive.)

18 thoughts on “Vote Lines

      1. I wish the same but given the quality of our political debates and the behaviour of some of our politicians I understand why people disengage. We need a ‘none of the above’ box!


  1. Whenever anyone complains about the way things are, I remind them that voting for new representatives or new laws is the way to make positive change…you can’t complain if you don’t participate! Also, we are all in it together, even with our differences…so even if your candidate doesn’t win, we still have to move forward together! NOT happening here in the US right now unfortunately

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    1. I agree with you John. And every vote counts, even if it is to create an opposition.
      I hope that in the US things change. What happens in the government there has such an influence worldwide.

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  2. I’ve never missed a vote since I first came of voting age. Democracy is a privilege and we should always exercise our right to vote for fear that we might lose that right. Besides, if you didbn’t vote how can you complain about the government you get?!


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