Beach Lines and Cocktails

My favourite part of my week spent in the Dominican Republic was definitely the beach. We walked on the beach daily, swam in the sea, and had something to drink at the beach bar.

Often we would walk on the beach in the late afternoon. One evening we had early dinner reservations, so we had our walk a little earlier. It was for this reason that we discovered a bar on the beach which served drinks.

We first ask for a glass of cold water with a hint of line. Once we had swallowed the refreshing glass of water, we turned to the cocktail menu.

My husband and I are not big drinkers and we do not know too much about cocktails. We wanted something different from the usual pina colada and the water suggested a mudslide. I did not know what to expect with such a name, but I was pleasantly surprised.

We enjoyed our early evening cocktail on the beach before we left to get ready for dinner. We ordered the cocktail again but our first was definitely well-made and beautifully presented.

Do you enjoy trying out new cocktails?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

(This post is linked to Becky’s Square Challenge for which we will be posting square photos featuring lines during the month of October)

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