Tempting Desserts

The temptation at an all inclusive resort is definitely the food – and certainly the desserts! I found it hard to resist the tempting displays.

And once I had tried the chocolatey goodness, I could not resist picking up a few at my next meal.

I enjoyed the small bites of chocolate and cream. They were definitely my weakness!

My lack of resistance led to me gaining one and half kilograms on my vacation. Now I will be hard at work trying to lose it!

Are you able to resist the dessert at an all inclusive resort?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

(This post is linked to Becky’s Square Challenge for which we will be posting square photos featuring lines during the month of October)

25 thoughts on “Tempting Desserts

      1. even the little desserts have that visual appeal – and sure makes a vacation more fun – doesn’t it?
        when we were in florida last month – one of my favorite indulgences was – authentic KEY LIME pie.
        the light green with the fluffy (real) whipped cream topping –


          1. okay – so not official yet – but next time I come to Toronto – it will likely be in the summer – and I will try and bring some key lime pie – okay- well if it works out – so let’s pencil in the pie


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