A First Evening

Once we had arrived at our hotel room, we spent some time unpacking and freshening up. A quick shower did wonders for our travel fatigue. We then set out to find a place to eat dinner as we were hungry. Our diet for the day of a sandwich, banana, mandarin and salted pretzels on the planet and not been a satisfying one.

We liked the ambience of the buffet restaurant we had found. We tried a little taste of many of the foods on offer and really enjoyed the pasta with its accompanying sauce. The dessert was a little blah and I am hoping that the place we try tonight will have a better offering.

We found the buffet restaurant we want to visit for tomorrow ‘s dinner. The place looks bigger and very appealing inside. While walking around the complex, we happened upon a show titled Broadway. It contained hits by Liza Minelli and from Broadway shows such as Chicago. The show ended with a bang with the songs from Grease. The show was fun to watch and I look forward to seeing what they will offer tomorrow night.

Before heading off to bed, we wandered around a little more and had a drink while listening to some music. We enjoyed our first evening at the hotel and will set off to do some more exploring today.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

(This post is linked to Becky’s Square Challenge for which we will be posting square photos featuring lines during the month of October)

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