Grateful for Author Event

On Tuesday I headed to the opposite side of the city from where I live to attend a #HarperPresents event organised by the marketing team at Harper Collins Canada. I was especially excited for the event as I was to hear one of my favourite authors speak, Gilly MacMillan.

As I had been late for the previous event due to traffic, I left home a little early. Arriving at the location early, I found myself standing near the front of the line to enter. I looked around for people to chat to and what I noticed was that if a person was alone, they were looking at their phone. The person in front of me was one such woman. I attempted to make conversation with her but it was definitely one-sided. The questions I put to her were answered briefly and not reciprocated; she had more interest in looking at her phone and scrolling through her social media accounts than in getting to know someone new. I resigned myself to continuing solo, knowing that tonight making a connection with someone was slim – especially as most people around me were accompanied by friends.

At 6;30pm, we entered the large room and I found myself a spot. We were given time to eat a snack and to chat. People were buzzing with interest and reconnecting with friends. I chatted to some of the organisers of the event and looked at the display of candles that were set up on the table.

The highlight of the evening for me was definitely hearing the authors speak: Gilly Macmillan, Tarryn Fisher, and Shari Lapena. Shari was an excellent moderator and she kept an interesting conversation going. The authors and audience shared some laughs (quite a few actually). The authors did not speak too much about their new novels in order to avoid spoilers but what was mentioned about psychological thrillers in general is that they are an exploration of human nature – a viewpoint I agree with totally. It was interesting to learn, as well, that these big authors are both ‘pantsers’ in that they do not write an outline before they begin writing their story. This, apparently, is quite a headache for the publishers. 🙂

The second part of the evening was set aside to make a candle using sustainable materials. I have not done candle making before of any sort and it was interesting to see the process. I chose a scent that I know my husband enjoys too – sandalwood – and even now as I am typing this, I can smell the aroma. I know that this candle will be used by me in many of my future bookish posts as I love the way it turned out and it will be a while before I actually burn it.

This week I am grateful that Harper Collins Canada organises these events – and that I have the opportunity to attend them. It was an enjoyable evening and one I do not regret attending – even though I was tired the day after!

What are you grateful for this week?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

(This post is part of my weekly gratitude reflection. You are welcome to join in and share your post in the comments.)

13 thoughts on “Grateful for Author Event

  1. That’s a really terrific event, and vital to keep new books and Authors out in the public…as for the line outside, it is an unfortunate new reality of life – people are now forming relationships with their devices rather than other people…


    1. Which is a pity John. There have been times when I have made connections with people at these events and we have had interesting conversations. But then they were people like me who had their phone tucked away in their purse!

      Liked by 1 person

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