The Way To Our Heart

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

I say the way to my heart is for the man to cook.

They say if you want to win a man’s affections, cook for him. Daily.

I say if he wants to please me, he should spend the time in the kitchen.

They say women are cooks, men are chefs.

I say I am tired of daily meal planning. Let him have a turn.

Why is it that women are expected to be the ones who shop for groceries, plan the week’s menu, cook the meals. In modern society, women are also working at full-time jobs and bringing in the money. Our second job (raising children, running a home, and cooking) should be shared with the husband/partner.

I say the way to a women’s heart is through her stomach.

I say women are the true chefs, putting together meals on a budget and what is found in the fridge.

I say our reign of the home kitchen is over. We want to pass the sceptre to someone else.

What do you say?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

(This post is linked to Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturdaychallenge)

17 thoughts on “The Way To Our Heart

  1. It’s funny. Kevin likes to BBQ as much as possible, but I still do all the planning and cooking of most of the side dishes when he does. Even when I am not feeling up to cooking at all, he still asks me what he should be making…sigh…


  2. So agree with you, Colline. No such thing as ‘women’s chores’ because anything like cooking at home or grocery shopping, anyone can do it. I think both men and women like it when they help each other out, even if it’s just offering to help out.


  3. I say – woo hoo and totally agree –
    and I am very glad the hubs and I have shared this food prep and cooking over the years – but lately he has really been “into” it with Keto meals

    oh and I also say. that if someone LOVES the meal prep and cooking then more power to them = like some women really enjoy it – and find their niche – like I know some bakers who find reprieve with messing the kitchen and creating.

    also I am watching Mr Selfridge (when I can) and they just had some suffrage topics come up in a few episodes and well – it reminds me of the roles and assumptions that might still be carried over and we need to assess what works for us eh?


    1. I agree totally. And even though a woman enjoys the cooking – a break is always welcome.
      I, personally, am lucky as my husband takes over the cooking on the weekend. I love, too, that it sets a good example for our children to see their dad enjoy his experimentation in the kitchen.

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  4. Amen! I would love for my husband to cook. Actually, he doesn’t even have to cook, I would love for him to ask me what I want, go get it and then do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Men have no idea how many points they can earn for doing this.


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