Music Monday: A Little Bit of Funkytown

On Friday morning I received a notification that the new Zumba releases were available. I love listening to and watching their new songs – it makes me excited to learn new choreography. The first song on the new playlist is Funkytown.

This song from 1980 brings me back to my teen years. I remember bopping to this tune with my cousins at family parties. This was the song that got EVERYONE on the dance floor: uncles, aunts, grandmother, little kids, and of course the teenagers. Listening to it brings back good memories and always makes me smile.

Funkytown is such an iconic song. Even my girls know it as they used to play the song in the marching band for the Santa Parade. I am now learning the choreography – of course – and look forward to sharing the dance with people.

What are your memories of Funkytown?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

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3 thoughts on “Music Monday: A Little Bit of Funkytown

  1. There is an energy and enthusiasm in music like this – my wife and I are going to The Hollywood Bowl next month to see Earth, Wind & Fireworks! We saw EW&F last year in concert and they are incredibly – the original band members are enhanced by new musicians,, and the energy, enthusiasm and positive vibe are great – Funkytown says “have fun and forget your troubles!”


    1. I loved Earth, Wind and Fore as a teen. I remember playing their record (yes!) continuously until my mom couldn’t take it anymore 😄
      Enjoy the event and I look forward to reading your post on it.

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