Books in Blue

While tidying and organising my book shelves, I have had to sift through my books and decide which ones I want to keep for a while longer. I have chosen to keep the books I have enjoyed immensely and feel I will read again. My enjoyment of these books may stem from the storyline, or from the issues that the writer has addressed within the pages.

As I do enjoy reading across genres, the books may range from thriller, to romantic comedy, to contemporary, and even to dystopian. In the future, the same books I am currently keeping may find their way into other homes. In the meantime, I will enjoy their covers on my shelves.

Which books in blue do you own?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

(This post is linked to Becky’s Square Challenge. The theme for the month of July is “blue”.)

12 thoughts on “Books in Blue

  1. It’s interesting to think of books that I own: why do I keep hundreds after I’ve read them? Will I read them again? Who knows, but the alternative is to get rid of them and I would miss them…here is my “books in blue” selection: all three memoirs by Lucy Irvine: “Castaway”, “Faraway” and “Runaway”…if you look at my story about them, you will see that all three are infused with blue on their covers…reflecting both the physical surroundings and inner turmoil…


  2. We might be here a week and a bit if I get out all the blue books we have in our house – I am married to an antiquarian bookseller and I love reading so there are shelves and shelves of books in every room, and I mean every room!!


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