Doing Marie Kondo

One of my goals this summer is to do a little clean-up in our home in order to pass on things we no longer use, as well as things I think we will never use. It is amazing how things just accumulate and when you need a particular item, it is always difficult to find. While doing this soul breaking task, I decided to try out an audio-book instead of listening to music. I hoped that the story would relieve the tedium and help the time pass by quicker.

I chose to begin in my bedroom and go through the clothing. I passed on the clothes that no longer fit me to my children – it seems such a long time ago that I was that size. I was pleased that I had kept the clothing, though, for my girls as they loved trying on the old clothes and picking out fashions from over a decade ago. No need to go thrifting when mom’s closet is nearby!

Now my clothing hangs freely in the closet and is so much easier to sort through. I have begun on the folded clothing and have sorted the drawers Marie Kondo style. I am loving it as it is so much easier to find the item you want – and so much more fits in the space.

I do tend to move between sorting our clothing and sorting my books. Yesterday, I worked on a large part of my book stacks. While sifting and purging my books, I switched off the audio CD as I found I could not focus on listening to the story and read the blurbs on books to decided which ones I would keep, or which ones I would pass onto my mom or friend. Yesterday afternoon, I had books strewn all over my bed. I felt disheartened as I was tired and the task felt never-ending but I persevered – I had to so we could sleep on the bed!

Most of my books on now on the shelves – I just need to sort my cookbooks and crochet books. There is still a lot to do in my bedroom, but I am determined for the room to be sorted and organised by the time my summer break is over.

When last did you organise your bedroom?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

(This post is linked to Becky’s Square Challenge. The theme for the month of July is “blue”.)

26 thoughts on “Doing Marie Kondo

  1. You are good. I am constantly sorting and giving away stuff as I want to scale down. Yes we are keeping too much really. I need to it my audiobook when doing it, good idea 💡


  2. I sure need to do some of this too.
    Funny to see all those books on the bed, because I do that sometimes, and yes they have to be sorted and moved before bedtime! 🙂


  3. Hi Colline, I noticed your book collection. I love older books do you anything in astrological or philosophyical genres?


  4. Books are hard to part with sometimes, but even harder is my postcard collection, stowed under the bed. If I take that out we’ll never get to bed for a month 🙂 🙂


  5. I think it’s a teacher thing to purge in the holidays. I spent some of the last week of my holidays cleaning out the linen cupboard. The next one to tackle is the craft cupboard from when our kids were little. I just wish my husband wasn’t so sentimental. He wants to keep everything! It feels so good to have less ‘stuff’ though, doesn’t it?


  6. It’s tough to sort through our beloved stuff! My hubby loves to collect and save EVERYTHING! We watch Marie Kondo and I believe her techniques are rubbing off on him. I sorted some of my drawers and folded them vertically like you did, so much better. Most of my books live on Kindle. I donated 80% of my paper and hardbacks to the local Friends of the Library. Like you, I’m on summer break from teaching (university lecturer). NIce to meet you, Colline!


    1. I am trying to get my husband to watch Marie Kondo – but I haven’t succeeded yet. Her show is inspiring one of my daughters so that is a good thing 😀
      I can’t give away all of my books though as I do prefer reading the hard copy. I only kept those, however, that still bring me joy.

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  7. I’m glad I found your post! I took a stab at Marie Kondo’s method back in January and it has helped my life immensely. I’ve since done another round with clothes and books because I find that as more time passes, I’m okay with getting rid of even more of my belongings. It’s a really freeing process. Glad that you’ve found it helpful for you as well.

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    1. I find that too – and I am hoping that my children will too. I have done a start in my classroom and hope that as the year passes, I will clear out a lot of things that are cluttering the cupboards.

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  8. Nice work getting organized. I have a rather small closet so I must rotate my clothes seasonally, keeping the off season things in a tote in the attic. It’s inconvenient but it forces me to sort and purge twice a year. It is a very liberating feeling. I usually listen to music when I’m doing those sort of tasks but audio books are a great ides.


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