Weekend Coffee Share: An Aching Body

If we were having coffee, I would welcome you out of the rain. After a wonderful spring day yesterday, our skies this morning are grey and rain is falling. It is the perfect day to curl up with a hot beverage indoors and chat. If we were not having coffee, I would definitely be reading or watching Netflix.

Speaking of Netflix, last night I watched The Perfect Date starring
Noah Centineo – the make lead in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The film is centred around a high school student who creates an app to offer his services as a fake date to make money for college. He develops feelings for a girl and his plan gets complicated. This film is definitely a lighthearted story that makes you smile. It was perfect viewing for a Saturday evening.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that my muscles are aching from the practice I am doing for my practical exam. In the upcoming week, I am going to have to change my schedule a little to give my body some rest. I have been practicing with some of my colleagues and I think on Friday afternoon we got a little too enthusiastic 😀

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that on Sundays I try to prepare some of my posts in advance. One of these posts was published on Friday afternoon and, for some reason, did not receive as many views as I normally receive. Do you have any suggestions as to why this may have happened? The post is a book review on my favourite book for March – and is written by a fantastic author who has created a well-written story that I believe is stellar. Head on over to the post here to give it some love – I would appreciate it.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that on Wednesday the internet at work was on the blitz. Result? I could not do any of my work! It was extremely frustrating and it highlighted how much we depend on technology to do things that before were done with paper and pencil. The funny thing is that the next day when I could access my email, the technology department of the school board had sent an email telling us that the internet had been interrupted. I don’t know how they expected us to access this email with no connection!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that this afternoon I will spend doing some corrections of my students’ work and then I will take out my crochet. The apartment is feeling a little cold and the afghan I am working on will warm my legs. What will you spend your afternoon doing? Have a wonderful week and speak to you next weekend.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

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19 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: An Aching Body

  1. Hi Colline,
    I think I would tell you that along with other things you keep handy, you can use the internet (when it’s working) to bring up someone’s post that you want to read, but later, and you can print the post right from your browser and get photos included. My sister asked about this, so I tried it and even brought her a print-off of one of my stories she wanted to read while sitting with a family member in the hospital. It was a nice find and lifted everyone’s spirits.

    You could do the same for a few and keep them in a file folder for emergency internet outage reads..

    All the best.

    I had never even thought of doing this before

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    1. A good idea Gary. At home I have shelves of books to pick up – and at work? I used the Google Apps to assess the children and hoped that it would all sync afterwards (and yes, it did 🙂 )

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  2. Hi Colline, sounds like a busy week! I missed that you’re making an afghan. Are you crocheting, or knitting? I just got a soft, fluffy yarn for my daughter today, and a new purple crochet needle. She’s going to crochet some blankets for her stuffed toy animals. I love that she’s into that. Thank you for the delicious coffee!


  3. hope you are rested up – and how fun to get some Netflix time – I am due for some TV watching (had not watched any this month – well hardly any – think I walked in at the end of an episode the fam had on – but was trying to work on other things and so I am due – I might check out the ones you watched –
    hope your week is going well


    1. Every now and then I put down my book to watch. And I also have the TV on while doing my marking – it does relieve the tedium of the task.
      The week is going well so far though I cannot wait for the long weekend! Have a wonderful week too Yvette.

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