Grateful for Learning Experience

This week I am spending time to learn for the written exam that I have this weekend. As you may remember, I registered for the Canfitpro course in order to be a group fitness instructor. My intention is to share my love of Zumba with others.

Reading through the coursework I could not help but smile as it takes me back to high school and to when I did Biology. Even though getting the information into my head is slow, I am grateful for the opportunity I have to learn the material. It is interesting and it has helped me realise what exactly it is that makes a good group fitness instructor.

What are you grateful for this week? And what has made you smile?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

(This post is part of my weekly gratitude reflection and is linked to Trent’s Weekly Smile challenge.)

19 thoughts on “Grateful for Learning Experience

      1. Truthfully, I have studied anatomy in the last decade or so – for art. I even took an anatomy class where we made a sculpture one bone then one muscle at a time, building up from nothing… I can see how it would help with exercise.

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  1. Hi C – and the way your brain gets better from learning and studying is another perk – woo hoo
    And guess what? I took a Zumba class last week.
    My second time ever and actually first full class.
    I have taken a class called “Groove” and another dance workout – but went to Zumba cos I needed a workout and they had one at the time I wanted – and I was thinking of you!
    So had to let ya know – and I did okay – worked my brain with trying to coordinate but also so fun…


      1. Well my Brain sure liked it – and I was just reading an old article (went through a few magazines when I was getting rid of them) and it was saying how balance gets honed from varied actions (stuff just like in Zumba) and so I felt that mental
        And when I felt so not coordinated – like during a couple shimmy moves – I looked around and not one person was looking at me and some were less coordinated – so another favorite part is the anonymity I felt – and the “we will all look different” even tho there is still that set routine – I am going to do a few more classes


        1. That is one of the things I love about Zumba. People are there to have fun and dance – and it doesn’t matter if you are not doing it properly.
          Have fun at your next Zumba class Yvette 😀

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  2. Good for you going after something you want! I know how hard it sometimes is to learn new stuff (even relearn old stuff) after a certain age. I always tell people if I want to get more stuff into my brain something else has to come out. After all, we have more years of stuff stored in there! Good luck with your test!


    1. Yes we do. I believe too that with so many responsibilities and things we should remember day to day, it can get a bit difficult to memorize things long term.


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