Weekend Coffee Share: Ready for the Next Week

Join us for some coffee time!If we were having coffee, I would welcome you in rather late on this Sunday afternoon. It has been a busy weekend and I would welcome a little chat before completing my chores for the day.

If we were chatting, I would tell you that even though the work week was short (Monday was a public holiday), the week was very busy. There seemed so much to do at work – it is almost as if we squeezed five days of work into four. In addition, I had my evaluation on Friday and I was busy getting ready for it in the days leading up to Friday at 10:25am.

Every five years, the teachers in the school board I work for have an evaluation  – which basically means we are observed by the administrator of the school. Our principal came in to observe one of my lessons (I chose to do a language lesson). My students were a lot calmer than usual (though they were not little angels 🙂 ). My principal and I had a chat after school and I explained how I do some things (she is new to the school and therefore does not know how I work). She is going to type up her report and share it with me once she is done.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have just come back home from an event at the Harper Collins Canada Publishing House. Today’s event is the one they hold for bloggers in Ontario and the one at which they tell us about the upcoming new releases in Young Adult fiction. I enjoyed learning about the new books as well as chatting with other readers who love books and share their love through blogging. I am new to their influencer program and am starting to get to know other Canadian book bloggers.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I have two events this week to look forward to – one with my daughters, and another one I can attend as a teacher. But that is for the next coffee chat.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

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12 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Ready for the Next Week

  1. Every 5 years seems like a reasonable rotation of observing seasoned teachers. In Ny everyone is observed and set to rubric to determine how effective we are as teachers. It’s a lot of work for obvious information.


  2. If we were chatting over coffee, I would tell you that both of our sons and their families made surprise visits on Sunday afternoon. It is rare that they both drop in at the same time. The house was filled with laughter, fun, and love – just the way I like it!


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