Weekend Coffee Share: A Cold and Sickly Week

Join us for some coffee time!If we were having coffee, I would greet you with a tired smile and a bit of a cough. This week my body insisted on resting and saddled me with a cough and runny nose. I guess it was my turn to get sick! I still went into school as my students were presenting their projects during the week and I needed to be there to assess them. They did a good job with their projects and they were so excited to share what they had learned about one of their ancestral countries. I plan on inviting the parents into the classroom next week to come and have a look at what the children have done – and for the children to have the opportunity to share what they have learned with parents.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the weather this week has not been too pleasant. After a very mild weekend, the temperatures dropped and with it came precipitation in the form of ice pellets and snow. We experienced a couple of days in which we had indoor recess. I made sure the children had an opportunity to get rid of their excess energy by putting on Just Dance for them. Most of the kids enjoy this activity though there are some who do not enjoy moving their bodies.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I read a Middle Grade novel during the past week – Inkling by Kenneth Oppel. I really like his writing and loved this story. Keep a look out for my review this week if you are on the look out for a wonderful story for 7 – 12 year olds.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that on Monday evening my family and I went to dinner to celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year. We had a wonderful time eating delicious food. I loved the atmosphere in the restaurant and could not resist snapping a few pictures of their decorations.

We ate until we were too full – definitely too many dumplings! As always, we enjoyed the variety of the buffet and ended the meal with a few bites of dessert.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I intend to rest this weekend and hope that by Monday my throat will no longer be aching.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

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32 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: A Cold and Sickly Week

  1. A very busy week, especially when fighting a cold! If we were having coffee, I would tell you that Los Angeles is having more rain than it’s had for years and years, which leaves us much colder and wetter than we are used to – and no one here knows how to drive in it!


  2. If we were having coffee I would say that I’m sorry that you’re not feeling 100%, I’m right there with you. I had the flu last week, but was only able to take one day off work. The fever went away last weekend, but I still have a cough and a runny nose. I hope you feel better very soon. Stay warm!


  3. Well, first off, I’d bring pasteis de nata. There are no health benefits that I know, but they taste delicious. 🙂 🙂 Hope you get plenty of rest and are well again soon, Colline.


  4. A new year’s dinner with gobs of great Chinese food. . . I would more than willing to take care of all those dumplings for you especially if we could introduce our families and have a great time getting to know each other. Blessings.


    1. Always willing to share some Chinese food with people who love it. And if a person doesn’t, the buffet we go to has a section with roast beef, veg, and potatoes. 🙂


    1. They had such a variety for the New Year that I could not resist – but then I couldn’t eat other things as I got too full 😀
      Never mind – I am sure we will go there again during the year.


  5. So sorry to hear that you’ve been ill! Hope you’ll be able to rest and recuperate, this weekend. Relaxing is so restoring.

    The accumulated snowfall in our yard, front and back, can be measured in feet, now, and we’ve another round or so promised by the weather service for this coming week.


  6. its almost Monday hope you A-Ok soonest.
    we didnt go out to celebrate the new year but we did stand outside to watch fireworks some of which turned out to be gunfire as some decided to take advantage of the noise to pull of lord knows what.
    Have an awesome week


  7. Hi Colline it’s lovely to be back from sick leave and visiting my friends posts once again, sorry to find you unwell at the moment, hope it passes quickly, your dedication to your children is always a pleasure to note.
    My kindest regards.


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