We were made to be social.

To live in a community,

To support one another:

Emotionally, spiritually, physically.

Yet we go our own way.



Our thoughts, our hopes, our dreams

Our own. .

We were made to be social.

Instead we suffer in the quiet of our own home,

Longing for a connection to others,

spiralling into the abyss of depression,

Our thoughts pushing us over the edge.

We were made to be social.

To love one another, to laugh, to hug,

To be part of a community.

Surrounded by others,

We are one entity awash in the sea of humanity

Seeking cohesion.

We were made to be social

And in being so will be able to heal ourselves.

(I wrote this thinking how, in a large city, we are surrounded by people and yet are so alone. We are living in an era where depression is prevalent and yet, I believe, it would not be so if people were not so alone and had the companionship of others). 

Are you social? In what ways do you spend time with others?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

(This post is linked to Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot It January challenge. The prompt Companioship)

18 thoughts on “Companionship

    1. Thank you.
      The connection with others via the internet is not the same as connecting with a person that is in front of you, or next to you. Much can be said for the healing power of touch.

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  1. Your poem is poignant and beautifully written. I am social. We live in an over 55 community and I am on the social committee. We plan two dinner activities a month. There is always a lot of laughter and good conversation. Tonight’s activity includes line-dancing.
    We also do things with friends and family.

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  2. I love being around people. I especially like interacting with my people through social media. One of my most favorite is Snap Chat because the filters really make me laugh. We all know laughter really is the best medicine❣


  3. It seems that social media has in many ways made those barriers higher: it is now so easy to hide behind a screen and avoid actual human contact…which is why school, work or hobbies provide the best opportunity to meet others, make friends and build social networks because they involve human one-on-one interaction…that said, my son has made friends literally around the world through social media games on his X-Box – some of that new social media reality I mentioned before


    1. I have noticed that in some ways social media is a barrier to true social interaction. I have often seen friends’together’ and yet each one is on their phone – and even parents who are glued to the screen instead of interacting with their children.

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  4. A lovely poem. It makes me think that perhaps we’re like drops of rain, altogether in a cloud but falling one drop at a time to the ground to make rain as a whole entity. sounds weird I agree. I’m not that social. I hate crowds. but then I do need to interact with other humans… this is why I’m here commenting on your post! Best regards from France. (from threefoldtwenty dotcom)


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