Top Five Reasons I Love Reading

I came across this wonderful bookish challenge hosted by Bionic Book Worm in which I knew I had to participate. Every Tuesday we are challenged to write the top 5 of a particular topic. I look forward to participating as well as reading everyone’s contributions.

Reading is a pleasure for me that I discovered when young. I remember spending hours lying on my bed or under the trees in our garden reading. But why do I love it so much?

I am able to visit and explore other worlds

From the moment I was able to read independently, I visited the fantasy world of The Folk of the Faraway Tree, countries across the seas in Europe and America, and even the worlds upon ships. I went back in time to the period of Little Women and into the future when I read Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction novels. From the moment I immersed myself in a book, I was no longer the child growing up during Apartheid South Africa, but an explorer of new places. Today I enjoy reading for the same reason. As an adult, I am able to visit cities and towns (in the past and present) that I have not explored and occasionally revisit a place that i have seen with my own eyes.

I am able to go on adventures

When I was a child, I went on adventures with The Famous Five or even The Secret Seven (Enid Blyton’s adventure stories were my favourite). Now I go on adventures in fantasy worlds, and even in modern day cities. I may be a detective, or a woman living a different life, or even a swordsman. I love the imagination that reading unlocks, and the entry it gives into a creative mind.

I am able to relax and sweep away the tensions of the day

The best novel will take me away from my current life for a while. With reading, I am able to forget – for a moment – my responsibilities and the expectations of others. It is a little like hitting the pause button. One of my best moments after a working day filled with the voices of young children, is to put my feet up and read for at least half an hour while drinking a cup of tea. My favourite way to relax and recuperate over the weekend is to read on the sofa during those early hours when the rest of my family are still asleep.

I am able to learn new things

From time to time I read non-fiction, but I am able to learn learn things from fiction as well. I may learn of the customs and habits of a community described in a novel that is unknown to me. Or, if I am reading a story set back in history, I am learning about that period of time. I have also learned modern colloquialisms while reading. In addition, reading books has allowed me to explore new genres and sub-genres.

I am able to learn of other people’s thoughts and ideas

A good novel will also have a subtle commentary on the society we currently live in, or have in the past. Many of the Young adult novels I have read during the past year do have this characteristic which is why I believe adults read them as well. A good fantasy novel definitely has social commentary mixed in and, integrated with good writing and an excellent storyline, will immediately capture my interest.

These are the top 5 reasons why I love reading. As I go through the day, I am sure I will think of more. These are the reasons, however, that drew me into reading; and these are the reasons why I continue with this habit.

Why do you enjoy reading?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2019

(This post is linked to Bionic Book Worm and the Top 5 Tuesday challenge. This week we are listing the top 5 reasons why we love reading). 

21 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons I Love Reading

  1. I definitely feel that reading is like hitting the pause button. I agree with all of these and feel so blessed to have such an abundance of reading choices! Great post! 😊


  2. This post was really great Colline and I shared it on FB. Reading is definitely a “getaway” for me. Lately I have been listening to audiobooks so I can knit simultaneously.

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  3. I enjoy reading for the reasons you have mentioned: taking me places I can’t travel to, showcasing new worlds, cultures and attitudes that will help me broaden my own, and because it engages the mind and spirit! If you are interested, I launched a new “Weekly Wednesday Bookmobile” series on my blog – a new book every week, and I launched with a two-for: two books that were scandalous when published, and turned out to be hoaxes! Let me know what you think – books on travel, food, and fiction to come! –


  4. I find these to be true for me too, but also I like getting someone else’ perspective. To me reading is like the author telling you, personally, this story, and I love that I can read it as slowly or quickly as I want and really interact with it on the page. The printed word matters a lot to me, and I dislike kindles or audio tapes for me personally, since those are involved with other energies and not just me and the author–it’s great that they are available for those who enjoy them or for whom accessibility issues factor in.

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    1. I agree with you on the printed word. I prefer the physical copies of books: they enable me to flip back and forth when I want to verify something, or even reread a section of the book.

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      1. I agree with that too–I love to write down quotes that I run across, so many of my books have bits of paper or toilet paper sticking out as bookmarks on those pages!


  5. Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday! SO SORRY that I’m just seeing this now. My WordPress platform updated on its own this week and messed up my comments and notifications. I didn’t see the notification until today. Here’s hoping this doesn’t happen again! I hate missing out on participants lists! Fantastic reasons for being a reader! In fact, they’re almost the same as my own 🙂


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