Music Monday: Can You Imagine That?

Our family loves Mary Poppins, so we all had to go watch Mary Poppins Returns together. I remember many afternoons watching the original film with my children. Did I say many? I meant every! My girls loved the story and the songs so much. They would often burst into song pretending that they were singing along with the famous nanny. When we moved from South Africa to Canada, Mary Poppins was the first DVD that I bought for them as they missed watching the film. The memories of Julie Andrews’ portrayal of the character was fantastic – and I enjoyed Dick van Dyke’s role as the chimney sweep as well.

I was happy to see that the new film, Mary Poppins Returns, was also a musical. One of the songs I enjoyed was Can you Imagine That?

It reminded me a little of the scene in Mary Poppins when she takes things out of her bag to set up her bedroom. As with this song, there were many other references to the original film. We came out of the cinema having enjoyed the film – but we did not love it as much as the original. Maybe we just need to watch it a few more times?

Have you seen Mary Poppins Returns yet?

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9 thoughts on “Music Monday: Can You Imagine That?

  1. I really wanted to see Mary Poppins whilst on our Christmas vacation but was outvoted 10-1, so it didn’t happen. We all ended up going to see Aquaman which isn’t my kind of movie at all. You may ask why didn’t I just insist on the movie I wanted to see, but you don’t know my daughter-in-law. 😯


  2. My wife and I saw it, and while we enjoyed it, there was something just a bit TOO snarky about Emily Bunt’s Mary Poppiins portrayal…and Lin-Manuel mugged more than he needed to – a nice film, but it did lack that extra magic that the original had…


      1. I haven’t seen the new film, but read an original copy of the 1943 Mary Poppins book this summer–it’s a sequel and I forget the whole title but it was about Guy Fawkes Day–and I found her character very surly and snarky and unkind indeed, as if she had better things to do than take care of the children or even be decent to them. It surprised me, since I had been raised on the original movie and did not think of her in that way. Perhaps the sequel is more true to the original books than to the previous movie–


        1. That is disappointing about the book!
          I believe Emily Blunt was trying to create the same sort of feel as Julie Andrews with regards to the character – snarky maybe, but caring. She did not quite succeed – though she was up against the excellent characterisation and portrayal of Mary Poppins by Julie Andrews.


  3. I have also watched Mary Poppins, the original, many times, Colline. I haven’t been to see the new version. Julie Andrews is just to entrenched in my life for me to try another Mary. The book is also amazing.


    1. I have the series on my bookshelf and need to give it a read. I bought the set for my children but they didn’t love Mary Poppins so much to read her stories. 😄


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