Grateful for Stress-Free Preparations

It is that time of year when most people are bustling around getting ready for the Christmas festivities. Homes are being decorated, and gifts are being bought online and offline. It is a time when many people are stressed with all the planning and gift buying that they feel they have to do.

Currently I am not feeling stress brought on by Holiday preparations. My gifts are bought (albeit still unwrapped) and my freezer stocked. This weekend I shall put up our tree with my children’s help, and I will begin to clean our space for the Christmas period. The most important thing during Christmas is the time that we spend days together as a family – and that doesn’t take much sorting. My children will be happy to open a few gifts, and my husband will be satisfied to eat his favourite pastries and food. This year my eldest daughter wants to go and out and do some family activities. Which ones will be decided on when our son arrives next week.

This week I am grateful that I am not feeling any of the stress brought on by the Holidays. Instead I am looking forward to the family time that I will have with all the children present. This has always been my favourite time of year – and this year is no different.

Processed with RookieWhat have you been grateful for this week? Share your comments or the link to your post below.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

12 thoughts on “Grateful for Stress-Free Preparations

  1. I’ve come across your blog from the InLinks and the Friday Fictioneers community. Lovely to see your happy face and read about your life as an “immigrant”. Just one question! Reading the “about” definition of yourself you give adjectives of how the outside world names you. But who are you really? inside yourself I mean? Aren’t we all different from what people see and think about us from outside? (am I being a pain…?!!!)


    1. I am loyal, loving to those I care about, passionate about my work with kids, an overworked mom who is proud of her children.
      It may be time to update the About Me page as I wrote it about 6 years ago when I began this blog. Perspectives and circumstances do change in that time.

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  2. Loyal, caring, passionate, hard working, proud… from looking at your face on that photo I’d add positive, so terribly friendly with strangers, naive (?), terribly adaptable, good cook (!) and somewhat “puritan”… am I right? Thank you so much Colline for being around 🙂 The world needs more people like you and I wish they would more often of people like you rather than flood the news with all the nasty ones on this planet. 🙂


  3. How wonderful for organisation that makes you stress-free. Congratulations. This week I have been grateful for the opportunity of catching up with old friends.


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