Music Monday: BTS

‘LG Q7 BTS 에디션’ 예약 판매 시작 (42773472410) (cropped).jpg

My daughter is a HUGE fan of BTS, a Korean pop band. Each day she listens to their music and watches their videos on YouTube. She has watched numerous interviews given by them, and stayed up late to watch the AMA in order to see them perform. She loves them so much that she spent all of her money on a ticket to go and see them. For a while now I have been listening to their songs and have grown familiar with them. Most of them are high energy and upbeat. My favourite is titled Fire:

Their recent song is Idol. 

I love the dancing in their videos. During the dancathon I participated in on Saturday, the Zumba teacher played Idol. I recognised the song with glee and danced to it with enthusiasm. When I told my daughter she could not help grinning.

Have you heard of the K-pop band BTS?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

24 thoughts on “Music Monday: BTS

  1. Grt post….I can totally pertain with ur daughter’s situation here……im also a bts fan-army….I can’t spend a day without listening to their songs and videos


  2. I am also an amry(Bts fan)..I love their songs,dance movies & their funny videos too.they just make me happy always by their extreme talented creativity.hope someday I will also able to attend their live music concert.


  3. yeah i’ve heard of them, i’m actually a huge stan of them, so i can really relate to your daughter!

    also sorry to sound like a bitch, but they’re a boy group, not a band.


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