A Frenzy Presents Event

Yesterday I was lucky to be able to attend an event organised by Harper Collins Canada. I had connected with the marketing people over Twitter as a book blogger and a spot was offered to me to attend. I went yesterday not knowing what to expect but with a sense of anticipation. As I stepped into the venue, I could feel the excitement as book people chatted about the upcoming titles in Young Adult fiction.

I did not know what to expect and was pleased to receive a copy of Laurie Forest’s books – she was the guest author at the event. The Black Witch was published last year; The Iron Flower will come out in the Fall. These novels are fantasy fiction (my favourite kind) and I look forward to reading them in the upcoming weeks. Before the author spoke, each member of the Harper Collins team told us what books they had enjoyed reading – there are a number that interested me and which I am eager to read (all of them fantasy fiction!). And to top it all, before leaving the event each person received a bag filled with goodies – including 3 arcs. 🙂

The event was definitely a book lover’s perfect event. I will spend the next week enjoying the swag given to us – the best activity to immerse myself in before school starts next week!

Have you ever been to a bookish event?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

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