Bookstagram: Canadian Authors

This year I have been fortunate to have met some Canadian authors at events organised by Harper Collins Canada Publishers. Meeting the authors has been inspiring, and has given me an added understanding of their writing.Have you met any Canadian authors?

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(I have started to participate in a photo challenge on Instagram created for people who love books and reading. I have decided to share my photos on my blog as well.) 

8 thoughts on “Bookstagram: Canadian Authors

  1. I am unsure about specifically Canadian authors, but many fine and/or famous authors (for example, Joyce Carol Oates in a week or two) do free readings of their work in Woodstock NY here, so we get to see a good few, even aside from the Literary festival that they have annually. The local bookstore just has a mixed bag of authors every weekend, big names and not-known-yet, in every genre.

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      1. Well, the *opportunity* to meet them is there, but I don’t always go. I already read maybe a paperback a night, so the books that I do buy as a result of meeting authors, like The Mudd Club by Richard Boch who used to be a doorman at the famous NYC club, turn out to be more downtown reading than something I immediately read that night.

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          1. Well, for me it is more my own health and transportation–they often happen at times when it’s my partner’s nap, so I am not downtown then., or I am doing tarot readings in the office, or I am just not up to it. I don’t really mind what genre people write, since as a stage manager it is for me more about how they do what they do, as opposed to what they do, and as a tarot reader it is more about what random helpful things I may be able to learn.

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