Weekend Coffee Share: A Week Long Heat Wave

Join us for some coffee time!

If we were having coffee, I would greet you with a smile. The heat wave has finally broken and we are feeling a lot cooler. The past week was difficult as it was too hot to do much of anything. My daughters and I spent the first week of the summer break sitting in front of the fans trying to cool down. Sleep was difficult and we woke up every morning drenched with sweat.

I managed to do quite a bit of reading this week and completed three novels – many of which I have been waiting to read for a long time. It was a very pleasant feeling to read guilt-free as I had no deadlines to complete, and no work responsibilities. This upcoming week, however, I will not do as much reading as I prepare for our family vacation to Paris. I will begin packing at the beginning of the week to ensure that we have everything that we need. I like to give myself a bit of time to pack so that I can still shop for the essentials that we need and do not have at home. I will also spend time on our itinerary and fine-tune the details of what I have already planned.

My week has been very low-key – perfect for the start of my school break. I have gone to a few more exercise classes than I normally do. I like being able to go during the day as the classes are not as full and there is more space to move on the floor. Inn addition, I get to experience different instructors and different routines.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you to enjoy your week. May your days be not too hot, nor too cold.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

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26 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: A Week Long Heat Wave

  1. well good for you having any extra time to pack. I am not sure why, but almost all of your family trips involved some very late nights (almost all-nighters) as I finished things up – not sure why – but especially any June trips (for us that was the case)
    and woo hoo to going to Paris.
    and I like going to many different instructors as possible – good for my own learning and seasoning – but I do not always become a regular for every exercise instructor – πŸ™‚

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    1. My husband has been wanting to go for as long as I have known him. And it will be a good opportunity for us all to practice our French πŸ™‚
      As for exercise – when I am teaching, I tend to have a routine and go to the gym at the same day and time every week – thus the same instructor πŸ™‚

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  2. I certainly sympathize with you about the heat. We’ve had temps right at 100, with heat indexes way above 100 for almost two weeks now. But yesterday, the humidity went way down, so that made a big difference. I understand we’re in for more extreme heat next week, but I’ll at least enjoy today a little. I hope you all enjoy your vacation tremendously. When I was in college my French teacher was from Paris, and she told us that a whole lot of the Paris citizens try to leave the city during the summer, but most tourists go at that time. My sister loves to go to Paris, and I think she’s been there mostly in the summer as well. However, now that she’s retired, she may try to do a trip at a completely different time of year.

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    1. When I finished university, I spent a year there so have seen all of the sights. That, however, was over twenty years ago. And now, of course, I am going to visit with my family. πŸ™‚


  3. Planning a trip, and packing is definitely part of the fun! A big part πŸ™‚ I’m so happy for you. You;re going to have an amazing tie, and your girls are going to get memories for life. Those early trips n life, have more than any other trip I’ve taken, forever made a lasting impact on me. Enjoy every second!

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      1. That is so awesome! I love reading up about places before visiting them. Field trips with my daughter is one of the things I treasure the most. Could there be a better way to really learn things, than to experience, and see them with your own eyes?


  4. We’ve finally had some relief from the heat and humidity here also, but I hear we’re in for more this week! Oh well, it certainly beats snow and ice! Paris, how exciting!! I can’t wait to see pics.. Enjoy!


  5. Hi Colleen,

    Thanks for your coffee visit & kind remarks. I agree that the current heat wave is miserable and hope it ends soon for all of us.

    Your time to enjoy cranking through several books was wonderful – yes?

    And wow! A family trip to Paris. Excellent. I’ve had Canadian friends tell me that there are some differences between Candian French verses French French.

    Please comment soon on your findings & have a wonderful time.


    1. We leave late on Friday night. As always with going somewhere new, I feel a little nervous but will be okay once we get there. It is great that the five of us are travelling together and we can support one another.

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  6. Enjoy your warm weather while you can Colline, soon the tides of seasons will change.
    Best wishes for a great time in Paris, look forward to pictures from the City of Love and Romance.


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