Grateful for Husband’s Cooking

As you know, my husband was away for a month. As a result, I was the one to do all the cooking – every day. On Friday my husband came back home and this weekend he took the opportunity to cook. As you can imagine, I was pleased to take a break from the kitchen. For dinner, he cooked a few dishes of stir-fried vegetables (one which was an experiment as he had not cooked it before) which we then ate with rice. As we feasted on his meal, we enjoyed the flavours he had created. As my daughter said, we had missed eating his vegetable dishes with rice.

This week I am grateful for my husband’s return home. I am also grateful that he is still willing to take a turn at cooking over the weekend in order to give me a break.

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Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2018

23 thoughts on “Grateful for Husband’s Cooking

  1. I love cooking and I occasionally do stir-fries. Most of my cooking is during the week and has to fit with Wife and Son’s variable schedules so it often has to be something that can be prepared and then reheated later in the evening. Last night’s Muttar Paneer would be a good example with us boys eating at 8pm and Epi eating when she got home from the gym at around 9:15pm. Haven’t decided what I’m cooking tonight yet πŸ˜‰ Great to hear you’re all together and enjoying a great family meal πŸ™‚

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